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Swipe note to archive / delete in mobile app



Many months ago i was surprised to find that iOS app users can swipe a note horizontally to archive (maybe delete it too).


Feature Request

Implement UI functionality very similar to Google's InBox app that allows the user to quickly triage notes and delete or archive them by swiping horizontally.


Usage Scenario

I route all of my email to Evernote using a GMail forwarding rule as part of my GTD (Getting Things Done) workflow.

I then triage all new notes in the InBox using Evernote tagging or deleting.


Scenario Problem

Updating notes in the Android mobile app is just too time consuming and painful. Many things should be a single tap but instead are a menu selection from 10 different options. Although the mobile app looks great, it's just not that productive in terms of updating notes. Great for looking something up on the go though!


A simple feature allowing us GTD people to swipe notes to delete/archive them while on the go would be a significant improvement to our workflow.

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Hi.  There are limits to how much you can reasonably do with a small display and teeny (touchscreen) buttons,  so I think the answer to some problems has to be 'get a bigger device';  but I agree that some the snazzier iOS functions are a definite nice-to-have for Windows and Android (and WP and MacOS...) - and possibly vice-versa.  I'd be worried about a 'swipe to archive' feature without some sort of easy undo option though - otherwise we'll see a flood of winges here about 'I lost my data unexpectedly...'



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This would be a great feature, Cbzen


I agree with gazumped though too. Definitely would want an "undo" to get out of jail free, as it were.


Need to be able to recover them out of trash easily too, in case the Undo doesn't work for some reason, but that would probably be a given.


What I'd like even more than this feature, now that I'm thinking about it some more, is the abiliy to swipe and have a choice of either sending to Trash (which is basically just a notebook) or some other notebook of my choosing. So in Settings I could designate the "swipe destination notebook" so to speak and then when I swipe that's where the note goes.


I pretty much use two notebooks at all times: one for my active notes and then when I'm done with them, they go into an Archive folder.


Being able to swipe them in there from the active folder on my Android app would be AMAZING. That would speed up my personal workflow tremendously and save me a ton of "taps".  :D

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I just checked the Android app for Google InBox and a swipe to the left "snoozes" the email, and a swipe to the right marks it as 'read'. So the UI functionality is certainly available. Above all I think things should be kept simple and efficient on a small screen.(5" screen).



Check out the UI functionality of the Google InBox app. After swiping an email an 'Undo' button appears at the bottom.



Moving notes to a notebook with swipe doesn't do me any good because then I just have untagged notes in different notebooks. I'm fine with performing tagging and notebook selection in the desktop app. As gazumped pointed out, at some point you have to switch to a bigger device screen. My main goal is just to weed out the notes from InBox from a small screen.


So....  I'll revise my proposal to the following:



App displays list view of notes for a Notebook or Search Results.


Swipe Right

Move note to Archive (notebook)


Swipe Left

Move note to Trash (notebook)


After Swipe

Display Undo button at bottom to reverse previous swipe actions.


To move note to a notebook

Long Press (1 second) to display list of notebooks.


To edit and all other activities

Tap note to open note where all other note activities can be initiated.

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