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Safari web clipper plugin fails

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I am on Yosemite current with Safari current. After about 15 minutes of use, the web clipper icon stops working. A restart of Safari fixed it for a short time.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions.

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Thanks! That link that ends with an evernote support saying it's CSP. I doubt that. Happens too randomly.

AND that post is over a year old I think. Did I make a mistake putting my data in this app and now have to figure out how to get it out and organize it?

I went to reddit.com/r/evernote and it's not looking too good. An entire page saying what's up with the company. No email replies, no support, as if they care more about selling from their store than fixing their app.

Any real suggestion to make the clipper work aside from switching browsers. If it really were safari I don't see how restarting Safari fixes it every time, every site.

Thank you!

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If it's CSP why does a restart fix it? Why do non CSP sites break the clipper? I'm watching the headers in the shell and don't see any CSP headers and the clipper is dead.

If use the app menu item but it doesn't have the clippers same options and doesn't carry the URL. Plus it doesn't have a "bookmark" feature so I'm more or less shoving large file size screen shots if I use the app.

Quick question about files attached to notes. If I attach s PDF, then delete the PDF from my file system, am I still ok? Or will I get a file not found error? And is the PDF kept as a PDF or converted to a image? I'd like to just keep it as a PDF. Small, scalable, resolution independent, just a better format than converted to bitmap.

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..and even the comments there called it lame and trollish..


@caca - the CSP thing is outside my paygrade,  but (apparently) being looked at by Evernote;  I quoted that link only because it's a Safari Clipper problem.


On PDF's,  once they're in Evernote (as in: attached to a note) you don't need to hang on to the originals.  The attached files will open as PDF files if they started out that way - and can be exported back to independent files if you need to.

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