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Mitigating unreadably small text

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Hi guys,


My setup is usually Windows 7, Evernote {latest stable}. But screen sizes vary.


(Other times it's Android 4 or 5, using the Evernote app for Android.)


Often I will run into content where the text is just far too small.


Being accustomed to viewing stuff in a browser I instinctively head for Ctrl Plus to zoom the text up.


Of course in Evernote this --- unbelievably --- does nothing, leaving me highly annoyed and irritated.


Any chance of a Zoom function?


I can understand why we might be at this place. If Evernote's chief person-who-decides-which-features-get-implemented has really good eyesight and regularly uses fonts that most people would find unreadably small, then the feature request might never get prioritised.


We would then have to wait for him/her to get to 40 - 45 years of age when presbyopia starts to set in.


Until then it looks like I will be better off with the web UI, which of course allows zooming.





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Fast forward 14 months and Evernote (302292) Public has been released which supports note zooming using

Ctrl +     Zoom up

Ctrl -      Zoom down

Ctrl 0     Reset to default Zoom

Thank-you for adding this feature.



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