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Well Fine...Can't Sync > 250 NB, But Have 244 ?

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See this picture...



Previously, I was having trouble with EN syncing.  Then, with the latest update from today, it keeps giving me the error shown in the above image.

...and seems to have other issues as well (but I don't know if that's because I have a warning like shown in the image somewhere in the background.

I did change the name of a stack recently, but the stack also had a link in the bookmarks (the name didn't change)

But this, with the accompanying error message, is having me go thru fits where EN seems downright unusuable.


I have, multiple times, come up to the 250 limit, deleted some notebooks (after emptying them of notes) and then carried on.  It would appear that there is a notebook count discrepancy somewhere.

I have not had any trouble actually syncing when I terminate the app, as far as I can tell...

I am on Win8.


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