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  1. Javacript, eh? Does that mean it will open up new possibilities for EN add-on developers? Having a common code base certainly is a start ... though, as integral as the text editor is to EN ... I am scratching my head a bit and wondering what took you so long...(I am an experieinced software developer, having worked in developer tools at Apple, as well as having written an API for an older version of the MacOS -- and yes, I don't currently use Macs ... ) Create a good developer tools program and what EN is today could be a shadow of what it could be tomorrow ... 3rd party content has made many platforms & apps far more successful than they would have been, on their own. Imagine browsers without extensions... Get the editor handled, and I'm sure a lot more people will be excited to pick up paid, or higher paid, versions of EN ... Fancy features are fine ... but if the basics don't work well, they tend to be a constant frustration... Thanks for listening ... P.S. Unfortunately, the "few added features" and changes which shouldn't be very noticeable have been, for me, in spades. I do use a lot of different editing features of EN...but have had issues with tables, with copy and paste of lists and more...it's been very frustrating... P.P.S. I'll be happy to try beta, as long as I can run a beta account and a non-beta account...is that possible?
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