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  1. YAYYYYYy !!!! It works!!!! definitely putting that into my list of most valuable EN tips ...
  2. Awesome sauce ... just hope I have the appropriate Windows configuration so that my F5 key does that ... ...never have quite sussed out what Windows & OEM Mfrs decided to do with their transplant of the function keys ... practically removed any usefulness to me when they did that ... Thanks so much, jefito!!!
  3. Hi, I'm using Evernote desktop and have happily used it where I see the pane of the notes list on top of the note editor. This is perfect for my uses ...as having (what is apparently called 'vertical notes list") requires far too much screen space to use effectively... However...having the note editor right below the notes list is perfect... Somehow, my configuration changed, and now I have the "vertical notes list" (which looks something like this - except I do have a left-sided panel showing shortcuts/notebooks/tags/etc... What do I need to change to get the right side pane to show the notes list at the top and the note editor at the bottom again, please? I've tried fuzting with the various "view" options...and I'm not having any success in returning my display to the way it was ... and this config is rather painful for me... THANK YOU!!!
  4. Pasting a list of URLs into Evernote doesn't work ... ...see details here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88643-editing-is-foobar-in-update-how-do-i-revert/#entry379040
  5. Javacript, eh? Does that mean it will open up new possibilities for EN add-on developers? Having a common code base certainly is a start ... though, as integral as the text editor is to EN ... I am scratching my head a bit and wondering what took you so long...(I am an experieinced software developer, having worked in developer tools at Apple, as well as having written an API for an older version of the MacOS -- and yes, I don't currently use Macs ... ) Create a good developer tools program and what EN is today could be a shadow of what it could be tomorrow ... 3rd party content has made many platforms & apps far more successful than they would have been, on their own. Imagine browsers without extensions... Get the editor handled, and I'm sure a lot more people will be excited to pick up paid, or higher paid, versions of EN ... Fancy features are fine ... but if the basics don't work well, they tend to be a constant frustration... Thanks for listening ... P.S. Unfortunately, the "few added features" and changes which shouldn't be very noticeable have been, for me, in spades. I do use a lot of different editing features of EN...but have had issues with tables, with copy and paste of lists and more...it's been very frustrating... P.P.S. I'll be happy to try beta, as long as I can run a beta account and a non-beta account...is that possible?
  6. Thanks muchly for the "master link" Interesting distinction between a "user forum" and talking directly to Evernote ... And, yeah, I've definitely fiddled around with EN, and what I can find so far "under the hood" ... going as far as to maybe learn a bit of Ruby and experiment with the EN APIs... I've been using EN for quite a while now....so the only thing about "fiddling under the hood" which is new would be the "belts and braces" Britishism... ...I've done quite a bit of research on Evernote, not only as a user, but as a prospective developer of Add-ons and other EN related products... But there's VAST ground to cover, here ... Thanks again for the "master" thread I can go check out.
  7. Here's another exciting fubar ... I have a firefox extension which will copy the urls of open pages to the clipboard ... I copy and paste into a text editor and it works beautifully ... Something like this ... https://evernote.com/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88643-editing-is-foobar-in-update-how-do-i-revert/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88679-clear-recent-search-history-security-issue/ Bueno! Done this many, many times in previous Evernote... But now when I do it ... or even just copy and paste the above 3 links I get ... https://evernote.com/<br/>https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88643-editing-is-foobar-in-update-how-do-i-revert/<br/>https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88679-clear-recent-search-history-security-issue/YUK!!!! (see the little <br>'s stuck in there?) ...and when I go to edit the link I get ... https://evernote.com/%3Cbr/%3Ehttps://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88643-editing-is-foobar-in-update-how-do-i-revert/%3Cbr/%3Ehttps://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88679-clear-recent-search-history-security-issue/(both of these are "linked up" .. .but I need to use the "code" feature of the editor to get them to display correctly.) So, of course, when I click on the link ... it gets me ... what else .. but a 404 error ... I think someone was trying to optimize the code here... Look, I realize y'all have a lot of challenges, supporting a zillion different platforms and all their idiosyncrasies'n'all ... but c'mon ... I mean, you are using your own modified form of xml (not quite sure how modified it needs to be, as the XML standard allows for a lot of flexibility) ... and I think the major browsers manage to handle all these different platforms...maybe take a look at how some of these opensource browsers do things? As much as I've loved Evernote ... this could easily send me back to using mindmaps ... Maybe a source editor, and a search and replace function would help ... or at least a "code" feature would be helpful here? Thanks again.
  8. I think I need a flowchart to follow all that ... Like ... could you describe what you mean by "belts and braces", and how that differs from the other removal you mention? I don't except stepping back to fix everything ... I've put up with some of EN's idiosyncrasies in the past, and figured out workarounds... ...But are you saying that stepping back may still plague me with problems that I hadn't seen before? BTW .. I "worked" around putting note links into a table without the table going fubar ... (adding the text, then finding the actual link for the note link, and using control-K to add that link to my newly entered text.) A new issue: I also had trouble when I did a ctl-shift-v copy of a list of elements ... what got entered, unlike before, was all my list elements on one line, instead of a separate line for each ... D'yall have a bug tracking database so it's possible to see whether a particular problem has already been reported? ...for folks behind an 'information management" app this comment "There's a ton of information here on the various problems of the latest update and how to get around them" is pretty unsatisfying ... Unless you can point me to a CENTRAL place (not the whole forum, or whole website) to look up current issues...? That is, without having to search thru a ton of irrelevant stuff? I mean ... gosh ... maybe even use your own webapp and publicly published notes? ...or am I missing something ... (it happens ... sometimes when you use search, you get the leaves, and there's no "backlink" to the trunk.) Please help set me straight and ease my pain... Thanks! P.S. The one thing I did see that was improved was the ctrl-z/ctrl-y functionality ... if it hadn't been for that, I'm not sure if I could have fixed my poor table issue easily ... I see someone else had the same issue...must be some sort of weird condition .. because it seemed to happen inconsistently in notes which had identical tables. The fact that it seems to work again by ctrl-z the problematic edit, change to new note, go back to orig note sounds like there's some strange state the note is in that gets reset...)
  9. I've been noticing weirdnesses in editing ever since I updated this morning ... I am NOT a happy camper... In one of my notes ... some of the blank lines disappeared... (what is odd is, that it wasn't even consistent) Now I just tried to put a note link into a table and I can't ... without ***** up the table ..it separates my rows and puts the note link on a line all by itself ... There's at least one other peculiarness I ran into but I don't remember what it is ... Suggestions... Do you guys happen to have a test suite you run? If so, and you did, it needs to be updated... Decision tables can help sort out and be used for finding edge conditions which really, to be honest, without tools like it, just are not possible to find any other way ... (I used them in my career as a data comm engineer to find a problem in real time code in the Bank of America wire room decades ago ... the stuff works. Highly recommended.)Is there a way to revert? Thank you!
  10. Hi, Thanks for your response...seems, on further investigation, to be limited to a very specific kind of local link. ...one I *thought* had been being made before... so, here's what I've discovered will work, and links automatically made: f:\projects -- on external harddrive file:///f:/_projects -- on external harddrive What doesn't work is: f:\_projects f:\projects\2ndleveldir (inconsistent -- sometimes I can get these to work, sometimes not) Looks like Evernote does not detect directory names starting with an underscore automatically, and create a hyperlink -- although if I highlight the same link and select "hyperlink->Add", it will provide the correct hyperlink, which I can then put directly in the note and have recognized. ...OOPS - spoke too soon ... added a 2nd case that doesn't seem to work (at least on an external HD reference.) ...and additionally, doesn't seem to work if they are added in a bulleted list... I'm going to have to spend some more time working on various test-cases. This is just plain weird. Thanks for the question...you've helped me isolate the conditions under which this occurs. In retrospect, now I'm not sure if those links actually were showing up in my notes previously. Evernote seems to have some odd character set issues. To make certain of my documents stand out, I've named them with asterisks surrounding them...only to discover the note search simply won't search for my triple asterisk designator. ...but, not too surprising. While I'm thankful for the search box ... I really think the search function is not that good. The results frequently surprise me, not in a good way. Using quotes helps. I suspect some of these limitations come about because of cross-platform compatability as well as internationalization/localization. Unfortunately, search order is not consistent across platforms. ...however, I should think the "add hyperlink" should work under all conditions. Most distressing...
  11. Recently I discovered, much to my great joy, that I could make hyperlinks to local resources...that is, resources on my harddrive(s)... Today, EN was hanging, so I killed it with the taskmanager... Now, the local hyperlinks I had have disappeared...AND I can't make new ones. ...Evernote is not automatically making them and...here are the things I've tried: Create the hyperlink manually via format->hyperlink-add (the dialog shows up, and shows the hyperlink that would be made. In other words, everything looks fine, the dialog is usable, performs as one expects EXCEPT for the fact that after clicking okay to create the hyperlink, none is made. (I haven't actually dug into the individual notes on disk to look at the xml -- so I don't know if the hyperlink is not being made, or simply not displaying in the note.) Uninstalling and re-installing EverNote (I was using the most up-to-date version before, and so there is no difference in the version numbers.) Is there some set of metadata I need to update? When I re-installed, it immediately opened my previous Evernote account, which surprised me. I appreciate any help. Thanks! P.S. Oh yeah...I'm running Windows 8, up-to-date Update: Just checked, the links are not being made in the note file ... at least I sure didn't see them in the note I tried to make one in and exported it. (Whereas I could easily see the "note link" hyperlink reference.)
  12. See this picture... http://imgur.com/share/i/aTsZLUt Previously, I was having trouble with EN syncing. Then, with the latest update from today, it keeps giving me the error shown in the above image. ...and seems to have other issues as well (but I don't know if that's because I have a warning like shown in the image somewhere in the background. I did change the name of a stack recently, but the stack also had a link in the bookmarks (the name didn't change) But this, with the accompanying error message, is having me go thru fits where EN seems downright unusuable. I have, multiple times, come up to the 250 limit, deleted some notebooks (after emptying them of notes) and then carried on. It would appear that there is a notebook count discrepancy somewhere. I have not had any trouble actually syncing when I terminate the app, as far as I can tell... I am on Win8. Thanks!
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