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Sharing notebooks broken?

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So I just tried to share a notebook between an Evernote premium account and a basic free account.

It seems I have to use the Work Chat instant messenger to share notebooks now ... but I get no instant (or even an email) message of the notebook share ... in either direction.

Also when I try to start a chat between the two email addresses on Work Chat ... I get an outgoing message in the chat browser on each computer ... but nothing appearing on the intended recipient.

Is there something I have misunderstood about Work Chat ... it looked like an instant messenger, and as such I expected it to just work with the login email for each of the two Evernote accounts I want to communicate.

I am using two iMacs and an iPhone.


Any suggestions, most welcome. I love Evernote, but can't figure for the life of me why I'd want instant (or otherwise) chat.





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This thread might help you - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80767-sharing-notebook-premium-to-free-problem-with-certain-destination-email-address/


Work Chat does seem to be a particularly half-baked implementation of a terrible idea.


If that doesn't get you anywhere then I'd suggest a support ticket -  use your Premium account to open it as you free account probably won't be able to for this kind of problem.

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Hey Pete,


I had the same thing happening today as I was sharing with about 50 kids. It worked what I would describe as normally until around 11:00 PST. After that, I had the chat dialogue box open up whether I liked it or not. I stumbled across a workaround by accident. As the initial chat dialogue box open, I entered the address I wanted to share it with, then clicked on the Work Chat button on the upper left hand side of the snippet view grid. That caused it to high light the adresses in my Chat dialogue box. From there I could hit send, Worked like a champ all day.

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