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Evernote starts up and runs but I rebooted and didn't open app



I can log out of Evernote and reboot my phone but when I check which apps are running on my phone some time later I see Evernote.

No problem I use a task killer to stop Evernote and log the results. Here's what I got. Bewteen 02-15 19:55 and 02-16 14:21 I had 4 kills.

Why does an app that I never opened start running by itself? I don't like using phone resources on apps I'm not using at the monent.

Someone needs to explain this one to me.


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I have something like 30 apps "running" on my phone,  waiting to be reactivated,  or to pop-up messages if they're received.  It doesn't mean the apps are using many system resources,  it just means (in Evernote's case) that if you see a web page you want to clip into Evernote,  the systems will be there to provide the necessary services.


Are you seeing any reduced performance because Evernote is ready for possible action?  If so and it's a problem,  please uninstall Evernote.

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I noticed the same thing. I've tried lots of different cleaning apps, but none of them managed to stop it. I tried to manually access my app manager and Disable the app, but once I reboot my Nexus 6 Evernote runs again. So I agree with gazumped. I guess Evernote provides you with some necessary services. In my case, it didn't reflect on my phone performance, so I stopped trying to turn it off.

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