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  1. David, my previous phone was N5, but now I use Nexus 6. Sometimes I also need to take a quick note. Thus I use a third-party note app, so when I unlock my phone I can directly type whatever I like. After that I just copy and paste the text into Evernote. I know it's a bit too complicated, but...this is me. I do thing the hardest way.
  2. Different designs are absolutely necessary for different devices. There are two major reasons for that. 1. The number of features for the particular device. Since Windows and Mac computers have better performance characteristics than mobile devices, it is normal to come with more advanced features. Fitting all these extra features require some design changes too. 2. User habits for the certain devices. Metrodon is not the only one, who is used to a particular Apple design and experience. Thus developers need to make sure that Evernote for Apple will match their experience. Finally, having similar experience on different devices is necessary, but having exactly the same design is not acceptable.
  3. Very familiar! I've done it several times. However, I learned my lesson. Save, save and save again. Prevention is the solution.
  4. GaryLKing's suggestion above should work for you. Under the Android Application Manager it doesn't show you that you've hooked Skitch up with Android, but if you clear defaults and go back to Evernote, you should get a choice. Yep...It works. I just tested it.
  5. If you use an appropriate structure, you don't really need such sorting. However, I admire your suggestion.
  6. Totally agree. Check all factors on your part before saying Evernote causes this slowdown.
  7. I noticed the same thing. I've tried lots of different cleaning apps, but none of them managed to stop it. I tried to manually access my app manager and Disable the app, but once I reboot my Nexus 6 Evernote runs again. So I agree with gazumped. I guess Evernote provides you with some necessary services. In my case, it didn't reflect on my phone performance, so I stopped trying to turn it off.
  8. I've never used any of these apps. Could you please recommend one?
  9. I think the answer is clear. Evernote, of course. I use it for almost 3 years and it is fine to me.
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