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I think the reminder sort order is in reverse on Web Beta



I use Evernote as a todo -list, and set a reminder for most of the notes I create. On the Android these are nicely sorted with those notes on the top, which have their reminder date the nearest. I can scroll down my future to see what I have planned. I would like to see this sort order on the Web UI too, with the most urgent reminders on top.



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Sweet, thanks for the interaction!
This new web version has notes with an unscheduled reminder on top, followed by those with a scheduled reminder. On the other hand, the mobile version has the scheduled notes on top, separated from unscheduled notes which however do have a reminder. How do you feel about this? I wonder how far off i am from the Evernote design personas/scenarios/tasks.




Merry eastertimes from a happy Evernote user :)

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To be more specific, this is related to dated Reminders in the Reminders sublist, when you have the Reminders option "Sort Reminders by Date" option checked. The dated reminders are sorted in opposite order of date (dates in the future appear in the list before dates in the past) . This is the opposite of what I see in the Windows client.


Date sorting for notes in the normal note list appears to be correct.

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