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Do I need to delete notes when I move notes to a different notebook?

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new to Evernote and the forum so I will say Hello.

I have been trying out EN and I have successfully made a few notes which appear in  ALL NOTES.

I then named 2 notebooks Forums and recipes.

I dragged 2 of the notes into each notebook.

The notes appear in the notebook and all is well!

Thinking I could now delete the notes I found that the contents of the notebook had also been deleted.

Does this mean that you have to keep all your notes.

Hope this is clear and someone can help.


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Hi - welcome to the start of your learning curve..  the All notes display does exactly what it says on the title:  it shows you all your notes in all notebooks.  Every note has to be in one notebook or another,  there's no such thing as a note without a notebook.  If it doesn't have a specific one assigned to it,  a new note will go into your 'default notebook'.  You can however set up other notebooks and in the All Notes view,  you can drag a note from the default notebook into your new notebook.  That doesn't change the view - you're still seeing all your notes,  it's just that one or more of them is now assigned to a new notebook.  They're not copies,  and you don't have two notes.  If you delete a note from the all notes view,  as you've found,  you permanently delete it.  So you don't have to keep any notes you don't want to ,  just remember that the All Notes view is exactly that.  To see only the notes in one notebook,  first select the notebook.

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