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  1. Thanks for the replies. Just got in and tried to clip the emails just as I did yesterday and it worked OK. I don`t know what the issue was previously but I need to keep with the basic version until I know its going to be reliable.
  2. Hi when I clip an email and it is synced to my tablet about the last six words on each line are missing, this is the case even when I go to full page view I can enlarge the page but cannot decrease the size of the page. Hope someone can help with this. Thanks.
  3. Hi new to Evernote and the forum so I will say Hello. I have been trying out EN and I have successfully made a few notes which appear in ALL NOTES. I then named 2 notebooks Forums and recipes. I dragged 2 of the notes into each notebook. The notes appear in the notebook and all is well! Thinking I could now delete the notes I found that the contents of the notebook had also been deleted. Does this mean that you have to keep all your notes. Hope this is clear and someone can help. Thanks
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