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EvernoteHelper is causing Safari to launch



Anyone know of a solution for this? I do not use Safari, but it has been launching itself on two of my computers. Looking at the Console Log, I can see that right before Safari launches, EvernoteHelper is trying to do something:


2/6/15 1:55:21.158 PM EvernoteHelper[42894]: AppleEvents: Send port for process has no send right, port=( port:37107/0x90f3 rcv:1,send:0,d:0 limit:5) (findOrCreate()/AEMachUtils.cp #526) com.apple.main-thread
2/6/15 1:55:21.000 PM kernel[0]: Safari (map: 0xffffff80419a6b40) triggered DYLD shared region unnest for map: 0xffffff80419a6b40, region 0x7fff91800000->0x7fff91a00000. While not abnormal for debuggers, this increases system memory footprint until the target exits.
Running latest version of Yosemite on both a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro. Same behavior on both.
Thanks for any insight on this.
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Hi.  I'd suggest you submit a bug report by choosing "report a bug..." (!) in the first dropdown after logging into this link > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action


If you're a premium user you can use the Chat feature once you have a ticket number;  if not,  you'll probably not see any response.  I'm not a Mac (or a Safari) user so I'll leave it to others to comment on any work-arounds or fixes...

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If you are a Premium account owner, you do NOT need a Ticket number to access EN Support Chat.


See Evernote Chat Support., available business days 7am-7pm US CST. 

(Chat option appears AFTER you click “Continue” on initial “Evernote Support” page.)



If you're a premium user you can use the Chat feature once you have a ticket number;

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