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Resetting the default 'document camera' button on my Evernote widget

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Hey all, 


While in evernote on my android phone (galaxy S3), a pop up question appeared when i went to use the 'document camera'.  I have used it successfully many times before.  With out reading the message, I pushed the button to get rid of the pop up.  Too late I realized that I had just made the regular camera the default for evernote.


Now when I tap the 'document camera' button on my evernote widget the regular camera comes up rather than the evernote camera or document camera.  If I push the back button I go back to a blank note, and can get to the document camera from there.  


I can't find where/how to reset the evernote camera app back to evernote.  Can't find a setting in evernote.  When I look in my phone settings under 'default applications', there is no entry for evernote or the camera.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi.  I don't recall any camera pop-up options on my S3,  but if you check in Evernote Settings > Camera there's ad check tickbox to use the device camera,  or if you go to Application Manager on your 'phone and check Evernote,  there should be a 'launch by default' section where you can clear defaults.

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