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Color icons/color coding



To Evernote Development team:


The teeny tiny icons next to notebooks/stacks/tag shortcuts in the navigation sidebar are way too small and too gray to distinguish from one another. Could you please:


1) Make the icons larger/more distinguished. Color or even some sort of shading would help.

2) Allow for setting a color for the icon/label, for easy picking out when I'm navigating the sidebar.

3) Color coding elsewhere, such as for notes, the tags themselves, and notebooks. These colors could automatically carry into sidebar shortcuts.


Thank you,

Judd Volino

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Judd, I completely agree.


Please allow me to add to that.  The icons on the horizontal toolbars are also very small, very hard to read, and very hard to quickly recognize.  The toolbar icons on this forum are MUCH better than those on EN Mac.


Please compare the below screenshots of toolbars from EN Mac 6.0.3 and Outlook 2011 Mac.

Please notice how much more readable the Outlook toolbar is, and it is narrower and just a bit higher that the EN Mac toolbar.


EN Mac 6.0.3 Toolbar





Outlook 2011 Mac Toolbar



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I COMPLETELY agree icons need to be larger and tag colors better utilized across Evernote.

ASAP would be great. Working on an iPad or even worse, an iPhone, the icons are torturous.

Other than these two issues, I love Evernote! I've depended on it so long, it would be a real

meltdown to live without it with me always. This . . . from a fine artist! Imagine!


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On 2/3/2015 at 7:07 PM, JMichaelTX said:

Outlook 2011 Mac Toolbar


Personally, I feel these Outlook 2011 toolbar icons look dated and somewhat hideous. I am all for the flat design in Evernote.

What I do not like about the Evernote Mac interface is that it is completely grey (with a tiny splash of blue). It would be great if it followed the color scheme of web/mobile AND allowed for color-coding the tags like Windows.

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On 6/25/2016 at 1:37 PM, Neil Rutledge said:

Personally, I feel these Outlook 2011 toolbar icons look dated and somewhat hideous. I am all for the flat design in Evernote.

Each of us have our preferences, but I don't see how you could call the Outlook toolbar hideous.
It is:

  • Very easy to read
  • Very obvious what each tool does
  • Arranged attractively
  • Doesn't require that much space.

I could see a big plus would be to allow full customization of the toolbar, so each user to display only those tools he/she is interested in.

Personally I don't care much for today's UI designer trend to show small, flat, colorless, hard to read toolbars.  When I want a tool, I don't want to have to stop and study the toolbar up close to make sure I'm picking the right tool.  The Outlook toolbar strikes the right balance between compactness and ease-of-use.

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