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  1. To Evernote Development team: The teeny tiny icons next to notebooks/stacks/tag shortcuts in the navigation sidebar are way too small and too gray to distinguish from one another. Could you please: 1) Make the icons larger/more distinguished. Color or even some sort of shading would help. 2) Allow for setting a color for the icon/label, for easy picking out when I'm navigating the sidebar. 3) Color coding elsewhere, such as for notes, the tags themselves, and notebooks. These colors could automatically carry into sidebar shortcuts. Thank you, Judd Volino
  2. I am saving screenshots from Skitch into a synchronized Evernote notebook. However the standalone Mac Skitch app makes it really hard to find older screenshots because there's no ability to see their dates in the very simple "grid" view. So I am using Evernote to scan through the corresponding notes. When I open the note containing a Skitch screenshot in the Evernote app, I would like to be able to edit the Skitch screenshot so that I can mark it up, then save it back to the existing note. Instead, when I click 'Made with Skitch' (or use the Annotate this Note button on toolbar) what happens is a built-in-Evernote version of Skitch opens and it creates a duplicate of the original note, and any annotations are added to this duplicate. I finally discovered if I right/CTRL-click on the image in the note, and click "Annotate this image...", then I can annotate without duplication. I don't understand the logic of duplicating the note by default.
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