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Photos not showing

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Can anybody help?

I'm trying to save some photos from my Samsung Camera II using the "share with Evernote" thing.

I selected them, selected the notebook I want them to go to, and sent them to Evernote but I can't see them anywhere?

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.


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Today I checked and the photos are there. I just don't understand, I guess the transfer is not instantaneous?

I'm using Evernote version 6.0.5 on Mac Book Pro (OS Yosemite) the photos were taken with my Samsung Camera II which has WiFi capability so I "shared them" to my Evernote Account directly from the camera as I always have done.

As to your question about syncing with the web server I'm not sure I understand. When I opened my Evernote on Mac and didn't see the photos there I did click Sync more than once but it would just go for a second or two and then said it had been synced but the photos wouldn't show.

Anyway, thanks for your answer to my post and if you have any explanation for what would this happen I'd appreciate to hear it.

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Hmmn.  Depends what's on the other end of your camera wifi connection.  Is it saving to your Mac,  or to Evernote on the internet?  I think what may have happened is that the pictures went to Evernote online,  so would have required some time (and a longer sync from the internet to your desktop than a few seconds) to get processed into your account and downloaded to the desktop.  That probably happened overnight,  or when you started up your system the next day,  hence the mysterious appearance of the photos.  Nothing to worry about - just big pictures taking a while to save into a note.

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