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Using Fujitsu Scansnap 1300i. Although I am using the settings to scan documents to Evernote Documents, as PDF, they show up in notes. Of course I can drag them to documents, but they will stay in notes too, which I would not prefer.

Any idea why this happens?


Using Evernote on a Mac and Fujitsu Scansnap 1300i

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Hi.  Evernote Documents and Notes don't mean anything to me - are these notebook names in your account?  "Scan to Document" in ScanSnap terms means "make this a note".  It'll turn up as a note in your default notebook,  whatever that might be called.  Does that help?

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Thank you gazumped, for replying to my post.

My objective is to separate a note, which could be written on my iPad or mobile phone, from documents, which I scan through scansnap.

Since the scansnap software offers me two options:

- Scan to Evernote (Document), which is a PDF file

- Scan to Evernote (Note), which is a jpg file,

I assumed that Evernote would separate them.


But as you can see in the screenshots, Evernote puts the scans into notes, after which I have copied them to Documents, which leaves me with two copies. I would like the scanned documents go straight to Documents (See left under shortcuts).


Is there a way to do that?


Best regards






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Hi Ruud,
In the first screenshot you are in your "All Notes" context (you've also sorted your note list according to notebooks which show in alphabetic order... and simply seeing your "Documents" Notebook section in "All Notes" should make it clear that you are not looking at copies/ duplicate notes). In the second screenshot you're viewing the "Documents" notebook.

Remember that everything in Evernote lives in a note, whether you call it a note or a document. A PDF lives in a note, an image lives in a note, something you type in on a mobile device lives in a note...

The "Notes" (All Notes) context shows all notes in your entire account. If you see a note/ document in your All Notes context AND your Documents notebook, this doesn't mean that it it duplicated or that you have 2 copies. This is a feature, not a bug. At some point you will want to search all notes for a particular note/ set of notes because you may not remember which notebook you filed it in... Or simply because searching for a note in "All Notes" using the search bar would in many cases be much quicker. In fact, most of the time, "All Notes" is my default context.

If you don't care for the "All Notes" context just yet, because your set of notebooks are quite logical and manageable, you can hide the All Notes context in the left panel on your Mac. When you discover that you need it in the future, you can unhide it... Although it will still show on mobile clients.

Maybe once you understand what it is, it wouldn't seem so bothersome/ distracting anymore. It's actually what makes Evernote so versatile.

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Hi Frank,


Ok. Very clear. I understand your explanation and it makes perfect sense.

It is more the use of the words notes and documents in Scansnap, that creates a different expectation.


THANKS for the clarification!


Best regards,



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