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  1. Hi Frank, Ok. Very clear. I understand your explanation and it makes perfect sense. It is more the use of the words notes and documents in Scansnap, that creates a different expectation. THANKS for the clarification! Best regards, Ruud
  2. Thank you gazumped, for replying to my post. My objective is to separate a note, which could be written on my iPad or mobile phone, from documents, which I scan through scansnap. Since the scansnap software offers me two options: - Scan to Evernote (Document), which is a PDF file - Scan to Evernote (Note), which is a jpg file, I assumed that Evernote would separate them. But as you can see in the screenshots, Evernote puts the scans into notes, after which I have copied them to Documents, which leaves me with two copies. I would like the scanned documents go straight to Documents (See left under shortcuts). Is there a way to do that? Best regards Ruud Notes.tiff Documents.tiff
  3. Using Fujitsu Scansnap 1300i. Although I am using the settings to scan documents to Evernote Documents, as PDF, they show up in notes. Of course I can drag them to documents, but they will stay in notes too, which I would not prefer. Any idea why this happens? Using Evernote on a Mac and Fujitsu Scansnap 1300i
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