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Why can't I paste Chinese characters? I just get "?"

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There's no way that Evernote is global, yet assumes everyone can speak/read/write only ONE language, right?


I don't want to change my interface to Chinese.... but I want to be able to type/paste Chinese characters!


How can I accomplish this..? There has to be something I'm missing, giving Evernote the benefit of the doubt............


Please do not tell me some workaround with tags.. I'd rather just give up and use Google Keep if that's the case. No subfolders, no dark theme, and no

 buttons for developers already pushed me to the line..
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Hi. I use Chinese and Japanese without any issues on the Mac and iOS. One thing I have found on iOS is that the language setting for the device needs to be Japanese or the font ends up as a Chinese one, which renders characters incorrectly, but this seems to be an iOS 8 bug (?) that affects every app. You don't seem to be having this problem, so this is extra info for anyone who is.

Let us know your OS and we'll try to help. There should be no problem using English for the system and installing multiple language keyboards to input CJK characters (a system-wide thing).

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Works fine .. I found out that you can't use windows sticky notes to copy to >> from ... I have no idea why, though. First time i've seen this incompatibility... still calling it a bug.



Also using Windows and having the exact same problem here. Have you reported this bug? 


I tried copying and pasting Japanese/Chinese text from Windows Sticky Note to Evernote and got garbled text (・ア・・・ノ・ソ・ヘ・「・E) (你・D・「・E). I tried copying and pasting Korean text from Windows Sticky Note to Evernote and all I got was question marks (??????).


I also noticed that I can't copy and paste East Asian languages from WordPad to Evernote. I can copy and paste East Asian languages from Microsoft Word and Chrome to Evernote though. 


I think it's a language/character encoding problem. I think Evernote will display unicode correctly, but have problems with ASCII (ISO-xxx)?


Unfortunately, this is a common Windows problem. I've noticed that Windows Explorer and some other programs have problems displaying foreign languages. For example, file names with East Asian characters display as square boxes sometimes. 


The way I've fixed this problem is by switching my system locale to Japanese/Chinese/Korean (similar to what GrumpyMonkey suggested I guess?). But I'd like to be able to copy and paste East Asian languages from Sticky Note to Evernote with English as my system locale.

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