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Request - TOC *within* a Single Note

Allen of Athens GA


== TOC *within* a Note ==


A new feature request.


I'd like to be able to generate a table of contents (TOC) *within* a single note.  Obviously, there would have to be a way to identify headings within the note.  Then these headings would be turned into a list of links that could be pasted into the note.   


I know how to create a table of contents for a selection of notes.  This new feature would do something similar but *within* a single note. 


-Allen in Athens GA

(Evernote Premium, Macbook Pro, IPhone 5s, iPad 2)

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Allen, it is not possible 'inside' evernote, but there are third party applications.

Take a look at https://eatags.com/feat.toc.notebook

Thanks for the link; it looks interesting.


However, it doesn't address Allen's desire to have a table of contents at the top of a note that links down to anchors within the note.


I too, would like it to be easier to navigate with a large note and would like to have semantically demarcated headers, like using paragraph styles in MS Word.

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I would like to see this also provide the ability to do generic point to point links within the same note.  More like how an HTML #anchor type link provides great flexibility.  

On top of that building an automated TOC generation/updating process built on top of this would be great.

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