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  1. I would like to see this also provide the ability to do generic point to point links within the same note. More like how an HTML #anchor type link provides great flexibility. On top of that building an automated TOC generation/updating process built on top of this would be great.
  2. The reason for posting here is I tried filing this issue with support a while ago w/o much success, hoping to get a different audience by posting here.
  3. Based on the search grammer described in http://www.evernote.com/about/support/Evernote-Mac-Guide.pdf (starting on page 28), because this is a quoted search (a phrase search) I would expect Evernote to only match the exact series of tokens provided and only match when those tokens are found consecutively and in the order specified by the search. (non ordered and non consecutive searches can be done by removing quotes). In the document an example is given that supports this. From what I understand the text is normalized to 3 tokens 'green,eggs,ham' and the search tokens matched in order and consecutively are 'eggs,ham' which does match the initial text. Now if the search terms "green ham" are given they normalize to 'green,ham' and fails to match because the term 'eggs' is in between the other two. This behaves as expected. Here is a case where the above rules fail to be followed. To reproduce, put the following text into a note: Given the search terms "one-two.three" (with quotes around them) the search terms should normalize to 'one,two,three'. The above document text should normalize to 'search,for,one,two,three,and,it,should,only,find,this,single,instance,but,it,finds,these,as,well,one,two,a,three'. As you can see, the normalized document should have exactly one range matched ('one,two,three') but evernote also matches the terms 'one', 'two', 'three' in the document area 'one,two,a,three'.
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