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  1. Not sure if this would work for you, but perhaps tag the to-dos with do.t and the quotes with do.q. To see them mixed together, you'd use a saved search for tag:do.*, but for the count you'd look at the tag do.t.
  2. Thanks for the link; it looks interesting. However, it doesn't address Allen's desire to have a table of contents at the top of a note that links down to anchors within the note. I too, would like it to be easier to navigate with a large note and would like to have semantically demarcated headers, like using paragraph styles in MS Word.
  3. Regarding whether people who aren't complaining are happy, there's also the people who have chosen to downgrade. I'm back to using 5.6.2 on the Mac. I downgraded mainly for two reasons: to try to escape text wrap issues (it turns out they didn't go away with the downgrade, though the Simplify Formatting tip I just saw seems promising so far), and to get back the old look. Any of the following would tempt me to try upgrading again: a Classic theme or appearance customizationtoolbar customization (especially the editor toolbar)a consensus on the forum about the editor becoming a better text editor (find and replace, especially) and/or a better word processor (named paragraph styles, etc.)Better support for shrinking Evernote down to half a monitor, as discussed above.Somehow streamlining hyperlinking notes together. Selecting the note to be linked to and doing "copy note link" and then positioning the cursor into a good place inside the other note to paste a link can't be the most efficient possible way. For example, wiki software tends to have a button/menu item to "insert link here" that pops up a dialog that allows searching for the note to link to. Another possibility would be to drag and drop, creating a link to the dragged note at the bottom of the target note. I'd also like to be able to navigate to notes that link to a given note. Before I would use Evernote for collaboration, there would need to be basic version control features like change tracking, indicators that a note is being modified, merging, etc. My radar dish also has a notification about a sync conflict between devices, or between a device and the web interface, that resulted in a version of a note with unmerged changes being moved to the Conflicting Changes notebook. That can happen to anyone. One disappointing thing I just noticed about the radar dish is that the notifications aren't synced between my Windows system and my Mac. My Mac reports some public sharing links I created, but the Windows system doesn't. Uh huh... go back a few years and see if that word 'presenting' is still in there. It's called Copywriting. I'm sure it'll be updated to include collaborating soon enough. Out of interest though, what is your argument here? So if it doesn't include 'collaborating' right now, it is considered bloat? Writing notes, and collecting information. If Evernote just did this really well, I'd be very happy. Instead, Evernote have made the app bloated with extra features, and still after all these years the editor sucks... I was curious, so I looked at the earliest snapshot of that page available via http://archive.org/ ( April 30, 2012), and collaboration is given prominent placement in the fourth advantage of Premium: "Work together: Evernote Premium users can allow others to edit their notes, making Evernote a great tool for working on a project with others or planning a trip with friends." Given that all the other Premium advantages listed on the old version of the page are more nuts-n-bolts (bigger upload quota and bigger notes, priority support, offline notebooks, note history, faster image processing, PIN lock, ability to hide ads, PDF search), it shouldn't be a surprise that the emphasis for feature enhancements has continued to be collaboration.
  4. when i double-click on a note - it opens in a new window. when I right-click it says "Open Note in Separate Window" Looks like it's only available via the Note List now. In the last version, it was also available in the Note menu. I remember getting annoyed with the placement of the feature in versions before it was added to the Note menu because there would be many times when the note I wanted to open in a new window was the one being displayed on the right at times when that note was not currently in view in the Note List on the left (either because it was scrolled away or because I got to the note via clicking on a note link). I was really happy when it was added to the Note menu, and now it looks like I'm going to be unhappy again - unless there has been some change in behavior that will cause the note on the right to be visible in the Note List more often for me.
  5. Three of us have reported that text wrapping is not working properly in 5.7.0, at least for some notes: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/72723-text-wrap-no-longer-works/
  6. I did some troubleshooting on the text wrapping. I made a copy of a note with the problem and deleted all long URLs from the note, and then I was able to make the window narrow with no horizontal scrollbar. Pasting a long URL into the note made the horizontal scrollbar come back. I think Evernote is somehow basing whether to use a horizontal scrollbar on the widest thing in the note, and then applying that decision to all the other paragraphs.
  7. I'm seeing the exact same problem with 5.7.0 that pcf reported, on Mavericks 10.9.5. I tried downgrading, but I got an error, "Your local Evernote data is being managed by a newer version of Evernote. Please use the latest version.". I found some instructions on this site for clearing out local data by searching for that message, and I might try that later. To be clear, as pcf stated, there is wrapping as long as the note window is above a certain fixed width, but Evernote is a lot less useful to me now that I can't open a note in a separate window and make that window narrow to fit next to whatever application I'm working in.
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