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Disable Document Preview in EN 6+

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I switched to EN two months ago and am now at the fine-tuning stage.


One thing left on my list is the following: If I right-click on an attached file I can chose to hide the preview of a document and instead seeing the thumbnail.


The question: Is there a way to convince EN to ALWAYS display the thumbnail? I really tried looking for this setting but to no avail.



Thanks for any hints in advance



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Since the OP is likely referring to EN Mac ("EN 6+"), then Metrodon is correct:

Goto EN Mac > Preferences > Clipping tab and set "By default, view newly clipped PDFs and office documents" to "As Attachments".


This will apply ONLY to NEW attachments, and cause them to be shown as an attachment icon (not really a thumbnail).  

You will need to set existing attachments manually in each Note.



The question: Is there a way to convince EN to ALWAYS display the thumbnail?

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Thanks VERY MUCH!!!


@Indy: I've found an earlier posting of you regarding this issue but the preference pane you mentioned there didnt exist in my EN (that's actually why i mentioned the version).#


My problem was that the german version uses "Ausschneiden" for this tab which simply means "cut". I didnt connect that to attachments (I don't even know why these are called clipping in the English version, we all grew up with emails and an entity like that would be most intuitively be called an attachment ... at least for me, maybe my brain is slighty simple-structured ... :-))


Anyway: THANKS again, that will help a lot to manage my stuff and keep everything as clear as possible!!!!

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