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New Evernote (6.0.5) very laggy





I'm a longtime user of Evernote and I'm not very happy with the last big update. The new version is super laggy on my Macbook Air (2014). I thought it may have been a bug somewhere, but there have been a few minor updates since the release and it's still bad. I can't say there's any specific interaction that's terribly slow, but it's like every action is sticky. Anyone else experiencing this?



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I am definitely experiencing this on my Macbook Air somewhat. It's sluggish on my mac pro compared to my Dell Inspiron 3000 series 2-in-1 Windows laptop(!).  Hoping for an improvement in the near future.. as it is, I am currently working on an alternative solution to notes using Dropbox and Spotlight indexing.   

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In the same boat here.  I've been using event for a LONG time and love it.  The editor performance of 6.0.5 on my 27 inch, late 2012 iMac is TERRIBLE!


Don't want to wait while Evernote re-syncs all my notes (I have a big library.)


Is there another fix besides a re-install?


My CPU usage is low, it's just that my keyboard navigation in the editor is lag - several seconds at times.  Overall my CPU utilization and disk activity are low.  There's no obvious reason for the delay.  With no other guidance perhaps I'll re-install the app just before bed tonight.

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Same here, sometimes it just completely seizes up for something like 10 to 20 seconds whilst I'm typing. Other times it just lags by a few seconds as I'm typing text. Other times there are no lags. I think it may have something to do with the changes introduced in v6.x to make edited notes automatically sync (and not wait for the usual sync period): i.e. it's lagging whilst its attempting to upload the edits to the note, whilst you are still in the middle of editing the note.

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In testing the beta1 out, I noticed that it fixes the scrolling issues partially - for apple magic mouse and trackpad scrolling, there is a marked improvement but it stutters when going through notes in Snippet view that has images (the image preview loads slowly and causes the scrolling to chop/stop).  Standard mice  (e.g. my Microsoft mouse) scrolling is still as abysmal as ever.  I hope beta2 and onwards will improve scrolling in general and I may return to using Evernote as my tool of choice.  At this time, I'm only using it for web clips and snapshots. 

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I'm on a Macbook Pro Retina running Evernote 6.06 and the lag problem is pervasive since moving to v6.  Its a complete productivity hit and frequently I opt to edit text in another app and cut and paste it back into Evernote.  It is excruciating and I'm astounded Evernote has let this massive bug live so long.   


Due to another issue with a DB failure, I've uninstalled, reinstalled and completely rebuilt the database following instructions from Evernote support.  The same laggy typing is back.  Editing notes becomes either unusable or an exercise in patience I frequently fail. 



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