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  1. OK, just tried that now and can recreate your experience. It's possible the problem only occurs under certain circumstances, e.g. when a long time has passed and Evernote app has reloaded on the iOS device... or it's a bug that only occurs if you don't have Evernote Premium and so don't have offline notes on iOS?
  2. That's what used to happen, but it's not happening to me now... the iOS changes were just lost.
  3. I have never lost an entire note in Evernote. However, note content of a given note that was not synced to the server from iOS will always be lost if that same note has been more recently edited on another device and that edit was synced to the server prior to the iOS app connecting to the server to submit its edits. In this situation there should be a note edit conflict notification of some sort. This used to exist, but it doesn't currently exist: this is the latest regular release of the iOS app and has been a problem for some time now...
  4. Does the iOS app no longer support conflicting edits in notes? I often have examples where I've edited a note on iOS but then closed my phone before the changes were saved to the server, then I forget the note is edited on iOS and I go and edit the same note on my Mac, which gets saved to the server. Next time I open up Evernote on iOS I notice the unsaved changes are marked as not synced to server, they get uploaded to the server, and then immediately overwritten with the version I had previously saved from my Mac. The changes to the note from the iOS app are lost (but can be found in th
  5. Split it up into separate text files for each conflicted version (use Cmd-F to find each conflicted version in the same note) and then use a tool to do the comparison between the text files. You can use "diff" on the command line (e.g. "diff a.txt b.txt") or use a text editor with a comparison function such as TextWrangler or a dedicated compare tool such as Meld. It's somewhat absurd we have to do this...
  6. Well, at least it's nice to know that others use Evernote in the same way as me and so experience the same problems... I wish we'd get some developer feedback on this issue.
  7. Previously when there were conflicting modifications in Evernote notes a duplicate note was created in separate "Conflicting changes" notebook. I've just noticed that this behaviour seems to have changed in newer versions and the conflicting content now occurs at the bottom of the note. So far I've found two notes in my library with conflicting modifications from back in January and February. I never received any notifications of these conflicts and the notes have since been edited so it's impossible to see what the original conflict was! Please, please, if there conflicting changes please giv
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