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  1. Yeah, for sure. That's why it's a big deal that we're rolling out this new beta editor on Windows right now. It means that the same editor that's being used to edit and display notes on Mac will be used on Windows. We think this'll make formatting differences largely disappear, at least between these two clients. I'm still waiting for the iOS and OS X versions to be consistent with treatment of bullet list spacing. Surely, these two platforms are the easiest to make consistent to each other in this respect?
  2. Split it up into separate text files for each conflicted version (use Cmd-F to find each conflicted version in the same note) and then use a tool to do the comparison between the text files. You can use "diff" on the command line (e.g. "diff a.txt b.txt") or use a text editor with a comparison function such as TextWrangler or a dedicated compare tool such as Meld. It's somewhat absurd we have to do this...
  3. Well, at least it's nice to know that others use Evernote in the same way as me and so experience the same problems... I wish we'd get some developer feedback on this issue.
  4. The problem still exists in this Beta 2 version. Just now I was editing some text: typing in some characters, indenting a bullet and pasting a URL. What should have happened in about 1s took 10s!
  5. I still have this issue on large notes; it was literally beach-balling on me just now. BTW, for anyone else with large notes that use Evernote on more than one device, I highly recommend doing a search for "conflicting modification": you may be surprised by the results!
  6. Previously when there were conflicting modifications in Evernote notes a duplicate note was created in separate "Conflicting changes" notebook. I've just noticed that this behaviour seems to have changed in newer versions and the conflicting content now occurs at the bottom of the note. So far I've found two notes in my library with conflicting modifications from back in January and February. I never received any notifications of these conflicts and the notes have since been edited so it's impossible to see what the original conflict was! Please, please, if there conflicting changes please give me a notification when it occurs so I can fix it without losing data. It's impossible to do months later. And just putting the conflicting changes at the end of a long note does *not* help! I won't notice it and it isn't easy to fix... I preferred the old system. At least creating a duplicate note made it obvious that a conflict has occurred!
  7. Apparently, they are "working on it": https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79836-slow-typing-responses-in-evernote-for-mac-605/page-3#entry346586 But this doesn't give me much hope about the quality of Evernote's software design...
  8. I'm pretty certain it's related to the changes made to syncing, where updated notes are automatically synced (whilst you are still editing them!). Normally when I quit Evernote it quits immediately. Whenever I have the slowdown when typing a note into Evernote I quit Evernote in the hope that restarting it will cure the slowdown (it always does) and every time I quit Evernote during such a slowdown I always see a dialogue window announcing that Evernote is currently syncing and will quit when it is finished. It normally takes a few seconds (up to about ten) for the dialogue window to disappear before Evernote then quits. I'm sure this slowdown is related to the fact that that (slow) sync is taking place on a note I'm currently editing and possibly the fact I'm currently editing it is causing the sync to keep restarting and thus slow down the typing even more... it's probably some kind of race condition that doesn't always occur when editing a note, but when it does occur it ends up in a feedback loop and will keep getting slower until you quit Evernote giving it a chance to get the sync done.
  9. So, does the latest beta fix this bug or does it just introduce new bugs?
  10. But no specific mention of this particular heavily-reported bug being fixed, but it's only at Beta 1 release so far...
  11. The slow typing bug is known about and is being worked on. See this comment: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79836-slow-typing-responses-in-evernote-for-mac-605/?p=338599 I suspect the slow sync combined with changes in Evernote 6.x to automatically sync edited notes (and not wait for the usual sync schedule) is causing the slow down in typing.
  12. Others have tried your suggestions and they have not helped - the problem re-occurs. It's a known bug in Evernote 6.05. See this comment: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79836-slow-typing-responses-in-evernote-for-mac-605/?p=338599
  13. I was thinking it was something to do with the changes for version 6.x where they are now automatically uploading changes to edited notes rather than waiting for the usual sync period: hence sometimes whilst editing a note it will attempt to upload the changes to it which causes the lags.
  14. Same here, sometimes it just completely seizes up for something like 10 to 20 seconds whilst I'm typing. Other times it just lags by a few seconds as I'm typing text. Other times there are no lags. I think it may have something to do with the changes introduced in v6.x to make edited notes automatically sync (and not wait for the usual sync period): i.e. it's lagging whilst its attempting to upload the edits to the note, whilst you are still in the middle of editing the note.
  15. Thanks for the link to that discussion - you appear to have at least made better progress than I in contacting somebody who actually understands where Evernote development is heading. The support ticket discussions are nothing more than a bunch of automated responses with irrelevant advice. On that particular problem I wrote about this back in September but didn't get much success about it then (other than a confirmation that the change was at least intentional): https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67533-evernote-for-mac-56/?p=304676
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