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Where are my photos going?



New evernote user here, and slightly freaking out a bit.


I'm working in archives and have been taking photos of documents through the Evernote app on my iPad.  I thought that these photos as i'm taking them would be synced and uploaded to the Evernote on my desktop and through my account online.  


Very grateful for assistance. Hoping that I've missed something easy to sort this out.  For what it's worth, I have an Evernote Premium account.


Thanks!  E

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Hi Eas - can you locate those photos on the iPad version of Evernote? If so, make a note of the folder(s) they are in and make sure you tap sync on your iPad. THEN go have a look at your desktop app - click sync - and check out the correct folder.


Sometimes I am surprised by the same issue -- I take photos of stuff on my phone and expect to see them next time I'm on my desktop Evernote, but occasionally they aren't there. When I got back to my phone they ARE there..and I figure it's because I too-quickly got out of Evernote iPhone before it synced - OR that I was looking in the wrong folder.  


So have look at your original iPad and see if they're there first - & do the sync'ing thing - and then we can trouble-shoot from there. 

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What Karen says - if in doubt,  sync everything - iPad and Desktop (in that order) and see whether the pics turn up.  If not,  log in via https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FHome.action and look for your pics.  If they're not there,  your iPad isn't syncing.  If they are there,  but aren't on your desktop,  the desktop isn't syncing.  Make sure they're both logged in to the same account!

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