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  1. Spaces make tons of sense in a 1-person account! I found this thread because I was searching for any discussion about Spaces ever coming to Premium (even with a surcharge). I want more control over grouping notebooks than just stacks. I'd love to have pinned notes for each "space" (for me: each client) and the visual layout of the Spaces Dashboard would be terrific. All I'd really need is for them to drop the 2-account minimum for Business and I'd be in.
  2. The new beta feature of a note-as-shortcut opening in a new window -- instead of populating the open tab -- can we disable that? It's absolutely not a workflow that works for me. I didn't see a preference for it though. If there is one, please let me know. Thank you!
  3. Wait 'til you're a Premium member and then you can look forward to those promotions being replaced with Upgrade Your Team. I don't have a team. But it wants me to upgrade nonetheless.
  4. This got me so excited, but it doesn't work on a Mac (or at least, doesn't work on ver 6.9 beta 1) -- Can't drag tags to the trash, the trash doesn't recognize that it should accept them. If I let go on it over there in the sidebar (right over trash) it adds the tag to the shortcut list way at the top. Lucky Windows users!
  5. REALLY am liking the new persistent Note Title! Not able to remove Upgrade Your Team from the sidebar (long-time premium member, not part of a team). @DTLow, share your secret!
  6. Oh, you know what? it IS me: as I saw this and went to go Jing you a demo...I used a right-click Paste (so you could see my exact step) instead of my normal Cmd-V. And that right-click Paste worked as expected! And then I remembered I had recently mapped Cmd-V to "Paste & Match Style" inside Evernote due to a specific workflow that I do about a billion times a day and could never train myself to do correctly 1st time. So that was my problem: I was "matching style" on the paste and it was giving me the outside URL. When I choose Paste any other way than Cmd-V it's (of course) correct. Thanks for bearing with me, and for pasting that response that helped me figure it out. Do I have to do something on the formal bug-submission end to close it out, or can you? You get to mark it "User Error"
  7. Bug in 6.4 Beta 1: Copy Note Link pastes as "https://www.evernote.com/shard/xxxxxxxx" instead of the note's Title hyperlinked. It also pastes as blue instead of green -- not that I care about colors, but just adding to the detail. Following the link takes me to the internet and then (with "launch application" back into Evernote to the note. I submitted a formal bug report, too > but wanted to post here too.
  8. Thanks for keeping me in line. Didn't mean to pile on.
  9. Sorry, but I have to chime in on the auto-formatting.. I think about 99% of the time, I do not want it invoked -- I just spent about 5 minutes trying insert a blank line in between formatted numbers and am going crazy. I don't mind the "indent" -- you know, the actual formatting that you do -- but I don't need it. And it just leaves zero flexibility in doing any other formatting in/around/in-between those bulleted numbers...and there's no way to turn them off! There's no "fine, I'll lose the indent on this set, that's cool" way to bail on it. I have those auto-formatting features turned off settings-wise in the word processing programs I use (ok, I don't really use them - but I used to, prior to Evernote!) and would appreciate the same setting here. Thanks.
  10. Very sneaky, @csihilling!! I tried it and it didn't work, unfortunately. It deleted the parent, but not her 100 empty children. It DID however give me a way to clean up the unsightly mess and make the tag view actually usable again! I simply hadn't thought of nesting as a way to at least clean it up. So, thank you! :-)
  11. Thanks -- I've logged out & in many times and have fresh installed many times (not necessarily to solve this problem, but over the course of the many months I've had it, I've done those actions.) Support ticket it is! I'll post any helpful followups.
  12. Wondering what the procedure is on a Mac? I have the same problem - TONS of unused "legacy" tags from no-longer-shared notebooks. They've lasted through several version upgrades and fresh downloads. (A quick search shows a recent note that says there's no database tools on the EN-Mac side). Support ticket? Thanks -
  13. I'm also having the "reverse font smoothing" effect. And it really is reverse: with Font Smoothing on, the sidebar is grainy, with Font Smoothing off, it's fine. I'm on: Macbook Air 13-inch mid 2011 Built in screen and external Apple Thunderbolt (both have the issue) OS X 10.10.3 but updated today to 10.10.4 and its the same Resolutions for both are "default for display" (sorry - can't find numbers) Evernote: Version 6.0.15 (451806 Direct)
  14. I'm not sure if it's release-related (but we only just encountered it today) - that we cannot use a tag that already exists in our Evernote Business account. We get a "Names Must Be Unique" error message. I can add it to personal notebooks but not business notebooks (and double-checked through admin console that it is, indeed, a business tag).
  15. I'm getting sync conflicts nearly every other sync on public 6.0.6 - it's just ridiculous. The error dialog is simply "sync failed" most often - not helpful at all, and copying, re-copying the sync-offending note doesn't clear it, but creating a new shell and copying the content and pasting the content finally does. But I'm also getting sync failures ("sync failed" in the dialog box) and I cannot find ANY offending note. And I've gotten a couple of Conflicting Changes messages - on notes that I haven't edited in days and the surely isn't a version out there with which to conflict. Want log files? Or are you top of this trouble-shooting? (Or..am I alone here?)
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