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  1. Spaces make tons of sense in a 1-person account! I found this thread because I was searching for any discussion about Spaces ever coming to Premium (even with a surcharge). I want more control over grouping notebooks than just stacks. I'd love to have pinned notes for each "space" (for me: each client) and the visual layout of the Spaces Dashboard would be terrific. All I'd really need is for them to drop the 2-account minimum for Business and I'd be in.
  2. Wait 'til you're a Premium member and then you can look forward to those promotions being replaced with Upgrade Your Team. I don't have a team. But it wants me to upgrade nonetheless.
  3. This is an ancient stream, but found it because I wanted to ask for these things...I often want to print from Evernote...but the pdf's it generates don't even have the note title on them! My request is for: note title ability to turn on simple page numbers ability to adjust margins (default has margins way too wide for my needs!) One of the reasons I always want to print from Evernote itself, is because when I copy and paste into Pages...the little horizontal-line-divider-thing that is so elegant and handy in Evernote never gets pasted! I use that a ton, because I'm creating lesson plans and slide that divider to differentiate between slides. I have to go back and add them manually. So, really I just print from Evernote and add title and page numbers with a pen. Would love to see this soon - thank you!
  4. Thanks to those who posted long examples of how they organize/manage with tags & searches, instead of subfolders. I, too, am craving subfolders and find it very awkward to get going without them. It was hard to wrap my mind around how to organize with tags & use searches, so the detailed extended examples were very helpful. If the Evernote team is reading, I'd love to see the Tips & Tricks blog (& videos) have articles that focus on how exactly people organize their stuff. I'd also, just for the record, love to see subnotebooks too. :? Thanks, Karen
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