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  1. Spaces make tons of sense in a 1-person account! I found this thread because I was searching for any discussion about Spaces ever coming to Premium (even with a surcharge). I want more control over grouping notebooks than just stacks. I'd love to have pinned notes for each "space" (for me: each client) and the visual layout of the Spaces Dashboard would be terrific. All I'd really need is for them to drop the 2-account minimum for Business and I'd be in.
  2. Wait 'til you're a Premium member and then you can look forward to those promotions being replaced with Upgrade Your Team. I don't have a team. But it wants me to upgrade nonetheless.
  3. Can you help me out? The rapid UI changes are leaving me a little in the dust with clients on a different platform. Would someone make a screen shot of the left-hand sidebar in Evernote Business using the Windows desktop app (with everything expanded)? You can blur out names of course. I'm dealing with a client who needs a lot of explicit/click-here help -- and I need an updated reference, so I can be more helpful and specific. (And - wouldn't it be nice if there were a library of these screenshots somewhere, where we all could access? I'm happy to start one - or be pointed to one that already exists.) Thank you!
  4. I love reading this thread from my fellow audio tribe members! My use of the audio note comes in the wee hours when I'm fighting insomnia and/or have just woken up with some 2am brilliance that must (must!) be captured in Evernote, if only to drain the brain so I can go back to sleep. See how handy the quick-menu would be here? ;-) The other times I use it are when inspiration strikes while driving and I dictate into EN. Now there's waaay too many clicks to begin an audio note ("Don't Evernote and Drive"). I also have kept an eye on the Evernote Trunk hoping that someone would code a quick-add applet. There's quick-adds for photos and text notes, but so far, none for audio.
  5. Hi - I really like the new look for Evernote for iOS 7, but I cannot find how I add an audio note. In a note, my keyboard has the microphone, but that TRANSCRIBES my audio...what I want to do is create an pure audio .wav (or whatever) file like it used to do. I use this all the time and cannot find how to activate it now (and could not find it in the knowledge base either). I was disappointed that audio wasn't included in the "Quick Note" shortcut menu at the bottom - that would be GREAT and I use it SO often - way more than, say, a bullet note. But if adding audio files is gone forever..err..I just hope it's hidden somewhere that I can't find on my own. Please help me out. Thanks. :-)
  6. I don't know how to revert, but you can disable "smart filing" on the current clipper, which seems to be the feature that's slowing you down & that you don't want. (I have also turned it off, and feel the same about tagging/organizing in batches after the clips have hit my Inbound notebook). Right click on the green elephant and select Options, and uncheck the box. (Or do Window -> Extensions -> Options for EN, to reach the same screen.) Hope this was what you were looking for.
  7. This is an ancient stream, but found it because I wanted to ask for these things...I often want to print from Evernote...but the pdf's it generates don't even have the note title on them! My request is for: note title ability to turn on simple page numbers ability to adjust margins (default has margins way too wide for my needs!) One of the reasons I always want to print from Evernote itself, is because when I copy and paste into Pages...the little horizontal-line-divider-thing that is so elegant and handy in Evernote never gets pasted! I use that a ton, because I'm creating lesson plans and slide that divider to differentiate between slides. I have to go back and add them manually. So, really I just print from Evernote and add title and page numbers with a pen. Would love to see this soon - thank you!
  8. Thanks to those who posted long examples of how they organize/manage with tags & searches, instead of subfolders. I, too, am craving subfolders and find it very awkward to get going without them. It was hard to wrap my mind around how to organize with tags & use searches, so the detailed extended examples were very helpful. If the Evernote team is reading, I'd love to see the Tips & Tricks blog (& videos) have articles that focus on how exactly people organize their stuff. I'd also, just for the record, love to see subnotebooks too. :? Thanks, Karen
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