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Feature request: iOS tag searching by selecting tags



I recently moved to Evernote from years of using DEVONthink.  Evernote is an awesome product.  One of the reasons I moved was the device ubiquity.  My data is wherever I am.  I've decided on a nested tag hierarchy to organize my notes.  Finding my tagged notes on the Mac client works very well.  I can either type in my request or go to the tag screen and select multiple tags.  Selecting multiple tags doesn't work on the iOS clients.  I have to type in my multiple tags for each search.  With a large database and LOTS of tags, remembering the tags can be difficult.


I would like to request a 'multiple select' feature be added to tag searching on the iOS client.  


I would also like to see the nested hierarchy in the iOS tags sidebar



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I agree, tags are crucial on my Mac Evernote account for finding notes, screen grabs, etc. Why aren't tags  available on IOS Evernote? When I find a web site on IOS Safari that I wish to capture and tag, there does not appear to be an option for saving the site with extra tags (from the Safari 'export to' option). I am increasingly using my iPhone for capturing data and I need to use tags to sort information. Please provide this as a feature for IOS.


Also wondering if it is possible to have a feature that allows a group of tags to be saved; e.g. when tagging web sites in Evernote on OSX, I often repeat the tags as the sites are similar. Is there an option for a group of unique tags to be saved and called up every time a similar web site (e.g. sites for colour management tutorials) are encountered and saved/tagged?



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I won't switch to ios until this feature of multi-tag searching & nested tags is available.

It took me 2hours today to figure how to search multiple tags on Android. I'm really happy that these features are available on Android and will continue to use this platform. PLEASE DON'T REMOVE THIS FEATURE FROM ANDROID

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I am suggesting that we consolidate this request to get the votes up… I am suggesting mine because it already has a number of votes replies… The post is here, https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88379-feature-request-improved-tag-functionality-for-ios/

This request keeps popping up but I believe it is getting ignored because it doesn’t get a critical mass of attention at any one moment, I’d like to see if we can get everyone on board to bring this up the list and to Evernote’s attention.

Thank you!

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