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Reintroducing colour to the Evernote User interface with emoji

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If you're exclusively on iOS and Mac this works really nicely. Thanks for the video!


Keep in mind that emojis do not transfer over to Windows and a couple of other platforms.

  • Even if you are not too bothered about these emojis not showing up in the Windows client, etc... because perhaps you primarily use, say, your iPad client (like I used to), another thing to watch out for is that if you edit or move your notebook to a new stack on Windows, for instance, this reverts it to a "not found" Unicode square on iOS and Mac after sync.
  • If you're using a mix of platforms, i.e. Windows, Android, Mac, iOS... you may want to look into Unicode or ASCII characters/ symbols. Even though they are not colored as are emojis, some of them might be nice additions to your setup. I like to use Greek characters to get my Stack list into the order I want, without having to worry about numbering them with odd numbers. The following is on Windows... which I like... but it turns out better on iOS:




  • Another consideration is that you should not prefix your "Inbox"/ default Evernote notebook with a Unicode symbol/ emoji, etc, especially if you like to send email through to your Evernote email address using the @Notebook syntax in your subject line... because you'll have difficulty finding the same symbol to cut and paste into the subject line... or else you'll have to access your emojis on Mac/ iOS every time you want to do that.
  • You might want to consider suffixing a notebook with a symbol instead (or at least leaving a space after the prefix) if you are in the habit of accessing your notebooks in various 3rd-party applications (and within Evernote) through a dropdown menu... because if you type in the name of the notebook, it will not show up if it has a prefixed symbol with no space. That can get in the way sometimes. Having said that, going wild with symbols in stacks shouldn't be a problem, since we don't often search for stacks. 
  • One last thing... don't go popping emojis or symbols into notebooks or stacks that are used by 3rd party apps, such as my Penultimate, Gneo and vJournal stacks pictured above. Also I have a Postach.io notebook tucked away there somewhere... those stacks and notebooks cannot be tampered with.
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If I use an emoji at the beginning of the name of a notebook that is empty and in a stack, when you add notes to it the emoji disappears if not straight away not long after it's been added.  If you add it to the end of the name it doesn't.  Notebooks that aren't in a stack don't seem to be affected except the inbox (probably because it is my default folder).  Stacks with an emoji at the beginning at the name seem to be behaving fine.



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