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  1. Thanks for that David, I was already doing that but I was hoping I could just make and draw on notes in Evernote in the same way as Notability. Perhaps that will be something we will be able to do in the future...
  2. I can't find icons for either of those modes in IOS. I have icons for reminder, camera, a pen like icon that creates a new page for drawing, share note and search. I can find annotate in the mac os version of Evernote but then it converts it to a pdf which I really don't want. What I would like to do is create a note on either my mac or ipad and then be able to draw things on it whilst keeping the note in it's current form like you can with Notability
  3. Hi, I would like to makes notes and add sketches to existing notes with my Apple Pencil. Is this possible and if so how? If I try all that happens is the pencil moves the page about, if I click the drawing icon it just creates a new page. Am I missing something or is this feature not available yet?
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