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  1. Thanks for that David, I was already doing that but I was hoping I could just make and draw on notes in Evernote in the same way as Notability. Perhaps that will be something we will be able to do in the future...
  2. I can't find icons for either of those modes in IOS. I have icons for reminder, camera, a pen like icon that creates a new page for drawing, share note and search. I can find annotate in the mac os version of Evernote but then it converts it to a pdf which I really don't want. What I would like to do is create a note on either my mac or ipad and then be able to draw things on it whilst keeping the note in it's current form like you can with Notability
  3. Hi, I would like to makes notes and add sketches to existing notes with my Apple Pencil. Is this possible and if so how? If I try all that happens is the pencil moves the page about, if I click the drawing icon it just creates a new page. Am I missing something or is this feature not available yet?
  4. So hopefully a mac equivalent will follow soon which would be great. I swapped completely to macs a couple of years ago.
  5. Hi, Thanks for that but I've already read it, that's how I learned how to append to notes via email. What I wanted to know was is there a way I can email something to a note that has a checklist and have it appear at the bottom of that checklist with a checkbox next to it
  6. +1 for this feature, with the ability to create subtasks etc
  7. Hi, I love being able to email notes directly into Evernote and being able to append to existing notes via email. Is there a way I can that I can email a note to append to the bottom of a check list? Thanks
  8. I run an IT support desk for a company that supplies hundreds of different products by multiple companies and use Evernote for organising technical documents (lists of error messages, part numbers, prices and the such like) that need to be accessed as quickly possible when I have a stressed client on the phone and stacks and notebooks are great for organising by manufacturer, product line etc. Evernote is great for things like that. Thanks for your help with the other bits though, your tips have been very useful.
  9. I take it all back, the emojis for all Notebooks in stacks have now disappeared. Oh well, it was a nice idea.
  10. If I use an emoji at the beginning of the name of a notebook that is empty and in a stack, when you add notes to it the emoji disappears if not straight away not long after it's been added. If you add it to the end of the name it doesn't. Notebooks that aren't in a stack don't seem to be affected except the inbox (probably because it is my default folder). Stacks with an emoji at the beginning at the name seem to be behaving fine. Strange...
  11. Thanks for that, I'd looked everywhere for hiding the updated dates, never thought to right click to get the options. Never saw the insert to do either so again thanks. As for the clipping a full page, I do that but the page loses all of it's styling to it just becomes a list of links, images and blocks of text. not always a problem but in some cases when the page elements are moved out of their original places the context doesn't always make sense. Last night I had set the clipper to close automatically but it wouldn't but I have just checked and today it does. I have used the coloured book emojis in my notebook names to make them different but using they keep disappearing on books that are in stacks. I have 6 notebooks in this particular stack and all but one of the emojis disappeared overnight. I re added them about 15 minutes ago, minimised Evernote so I could write this, and have gone back to find that all but 2 have disappeared now. Have you seen this mentioned before?
  12. I used Evernote a few years back but was frustrated by the lack of customisation options in the user interface so started using Microsoft OneNote instead. Now I have started using Macs full time I find that the Mac version of OneNote isn't as good as the Windows one and so have come back to Evernote but there are still things that I consider to be basic that are missing. These are... 1. The ability to change the colours of my notebooks in both the main notebooks window AND the side bar (even just changing the colour of the name of the notebook would work for me). Also for those colours to be displayed on all my devices. 2. The ability to add stars to individual notes with one click rather than faffing about with choosing emojis. 3. The ability to choose whether to show or hide the date the note was updated etc in the list of notes. I'm not bothered when it was added, it just makes the UI look more cluttered to me and uses valuable screen estate. 4. The ability to place notebooks and notes in the order I chose rather than by date or name, I want to be able to put them in order of importance or put them in the order I use them most often. 5. The ability to clip a whole web page without losing all of it's styling. The article clip works most of the time but not all. 6. To have the active notebook highlighted in the sidebar rather than 'notes'. I think 'notes' should be highlighted when looking at all notes. 7. To be able to create checkable to do lists in a single note. Subtasks would be awesome but thats perhaps going a step too far. 8. To have the web clipper close itself after a couple of seconds after it has successfully done it's thing. Looking at the list it makes it seem that I am saying that Evernote is bad and it's not, it's great, but these are things that I feel could make it better, especially it's usability.
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