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Free Evernote won't allow 1 email posting...



I tried emailing one document to my evernote account today and received an email that I can't post because my limit with Free Evernote is 50 per day. I haven't been able to post one today. But, since I am using the Free Evernote, I can't contact support to figure out the solution to the problem. Anyone have any advice? Thanks much!

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hey kischicago, a few things that might help you here:

  1. this article listing all evernote limits that shows the 50 email daily, among other limits to free users
  2. this comparison chart showing all different kinds of subscriptions, comparing features and pricing
  3. as far as I know support is granted for free users but response time is delayed (I understand as best effort to answer asap) - someone can correct me on this one
  4. finally I'm a happy payer of evernote for some time now and I believe that if your expected flow of emails is north of 50 you'll surely hit other limits. if you enjoy and rely on evernote the $45 yearly price tag is definitely worth it.
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