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I spent an a couple hours yesterday working on a note at work. I made sure I synced the note before I left, a couple of times. Now, I'm at home needing the information and the note is completely gone. How does this happen? Is there anyway to retrieve it?


I don't understand it. I have Evernote on my home and work computers as well as my phone. I have had issues with conflicting changes in the past and some sycing anomalies in the past and therefore never use Evernote for anything really important. I just don't trust it. But that being said it is now going to take me all day to recreate this information. This note that is gone was a note I created years ago. 

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Windows at work and home. Android on my phone. Checked phone and web version as well. The note is just not there. I had to recreate it in Word. Thanks for the responses. 


I did sync at work before I began working on the note. I do remember now that while I was working on it, I would periodically sync. While doing this I noticed some changes I was making were not present. Then I noticed there were two versions of the note, one with the changes I was making and one without. So, I deleted the old version and continued working on the one with the changes. So, I suppose that even though I was syncing the note I was working on, the version I deleted deleted everything. I don't know.   


Do you, anyone else have any suggestions for going forward? Is it best to uninstall desktop clients and just use the web version from work and home? Maybe that would be simpler for Evernote to sync?

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Were you working in Evernote Web or Desktop at work?  Sounds like you used Desktop,  in which event to guarantee that something had synced to your account you could have checked via the browser (immediately) or Android (after a sync).  No clue as to how a lost note happened - maybe a firewall at work,  an internet glitch or a 'conflicting changes' message that led to deleting both copies of a note.  The only way to be sure something synced is to check on another device.  It helps to avoid data loss if you work in something like Word and attach the file to a note - and keep a local backup copy;  or if you backup your database.

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