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On Sony Experia unable to copy text from note to Clipboard

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I have a Sony Experia with Evernote.


Today created new note and then tried to copy the text to the clipboard. All evernote wanted to do was give me a public url plus a list of other options - I just wanted the text in the clipboard.


How do I do it?


I am finding Evernote somewhat frustrating as a new user. Like after loading my first notes into Evernote I find they all have the title "Note @ Surrey Hills, Victoria" , and do you think I can work out how to rename a note to what I/ME wants , not what Evernote wants!!!!!


Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi - I don't have an Experia,  but mobile clipping usually involves a long press and selecting text with markers.  That's an OS function,  not an Evernote issue.  The heading business can be annoying - you can change the suggestions by clicking on the heading and changing the title (you need to click the 'pencil' icon to switch on editing first).  If you prefer not to have auto-suggested titles at all,  open Evernote and go to Settings > Notes and untick 'auto-title'.

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Hi gazumped,


Many thanks for your suggestions.


I realise the first part is Android rather than Evernote, but felt it should be rather obvious or a specific option in Evernote - not so for me - only 49 years in computing!!!


Found long tap then double tap for copy all in my Experia user manual P47!!!! explained how to copy to the clipboard - well hidden.


Have turned off auto-title as you suggested.


Thanks again,



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Ah,  an expert eh;  sometimes they're the worst.  I used to work in an area that had lots of visiting engineers from a certain well-known computer manufacturer.  (Won't embarass them by saying who,  but these guys always wore blue..)  You'd see 'em in the lab surrounded by circuit boards and disassembled hardware - and by the coffee machine trying to work out how to get a drink...

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