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  1. Hi gazumped, Many thanks for your suggestions. I realise the first part is Android rather than Evernote, but felt it should be rather obvious or a specific option in Evernote - not so for me - only 49 years in computing!!! Found long tap then double tap for copy all in my Experia user manual P47!!!! explained how to copy to the clipboard - well hidden. Have turned off auto-title as you suggested. Thanks again, pmor1945
  2. Hi, I have a Sony Experia with Evernote. Today created new note and then tried to copy the text to the clipboard. All evernote wanted to do was give me a public url plus a list of other options - I just wanted the text in the clipboard. How do I do it? I am finding Evernote somewhat frustrating as a new user. Like after loading my first notes into Evernote I find they all have the title "Note @ Surrey Hills, Victoria" , and do you think I can work out how to rename a note to what I/ME wants , not what Evernote wants!!!!! Thanks in anticipation.
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