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Feature request: Tag fuzzy auto-complete

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My tag hierarchy is starting to get large, complex, and deep.  I'm using a dot separator for the hierarchy (so, for example, I have person.FredFlintstone and person.BarneyRubble as part of my person hierarchy [no, not really - they're examples]).


When I want to tag a note, I can start typing in the tag entry area, and it'll show me all tags that start with what I've typed so far.  So, for example, if I type "p", I get all of my "person" tags.  Very nice.


Sometimes, I'll have the same subtag under two different top-level tags.  For example, I might have funny.picture and interesting.picture.  When I'm adding a picture and I want to tag it, it'd be useful to be able to type "picture" into the tagging area and have it show those two tags, even though they don't start with "picture".


A lot of code editors do this, or at least have options for it, and it's extremely helpful.  As an added bonus, code editors will often offer shortcuts for long words using capitalization as a cue.  For example, I could type p.FF, and it'd show "person.FredFlintstone".


Both of these changes would make navigating/selecting large tag hierarchies much easier.



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To summarize: Infix matching of tags was a minefield of bugs, and as a result was pulled in the subsequent update. We *kind of* had this feature for a while, but it glitched as described in the OP of the thread Jeff referred to. At best, it was a visual cue/ reminder in that you could then go and fully type out what you saw (starting with the prefixes) from a list of suggestions to complete your tagging process. 


This feature came and went and I wasn't fully aware that it even existed... I guess because my workflow did not previously make much use of tagging. I did however find myself scratching my head and wondering the same thing as Rob, wanting this sort of feature over the last short while since I've started integrating much more tagging into my system.

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