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Why are you introducing 5.8.1 if it disabled "clipping?"


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During the install of 5.8.1 I encountered a message that clipping would be disabled. But, clipping is so much a part of what we do with Evernote these days! How can you release 5.8.1 and not program for clipping to continue unabated? If that's the case, 5.8.1 is NOT READY.

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Don't worry about it.  During the install of a new version of Evernote,  the 'old' version is deactivated and removed.  When it is shut down,  your system will give you a warning that clipping will not be possible while that version if deactivated.  The updated version of Evernote then comes online and restores full clipping functionality.

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Okay, thanks for the reassurance. It's a deceptive message then. Hope they will correct it to clarify for any who would wonder about its meaning ;-)


It's the same message you get if you ctrl+Q quit Evernote. When upgrading, the app is shutdown in the same way, hence you see the message. If you had clicked the 'Don't show me this again' box during normal operation, this dialog will not appear during upgrade.

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