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I'm S2 - been around.  Have several premium accounts.


HIGHLY RECOMMEND EN - period.  PU update upset me more than the cable company or the telemarketers...  Your response to the 'false start' made it much worse - then follow that with two updates that don't address the core competency of the app - INKING - well - needless to say - not happy.


That said - I'd love to see two things - I placed the title as only one - but there are two...


First - Penultimate was a very good app at v5.


Updates destroyed it - and I understand at time you need to lead, not follow - but this wasn't received as such.


You have grown and I've seen MANY improvements to the core app.  That said - PenUltimate (PU) isn't to your standard...


I'd suggest you BUY / ABSORB  GoodNotes.  Their app is stellar - and EVERYDAY you fumble with PU - you upset long standing customers like me.  I DROPPED OneNote about a week before your update.  PU5 worked well enough (needed tweaking in the BT stylus arena).





I LOVE the app, but you need to allow the import of a picture of the card (period).  The resident camera controls are far superior to your in-app controls - and I don't have to wait on the search function for LinkedIn...  It makes sense - period.


Best regards...

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Well, as my username indicates, I swtched to GoodNotes, a truly great app that is far better than even the old Penultimate. Have been tracking "progress" of Penultimate since the November disaster, but as of today I have given up on ever seeing a responsible response from Evernote.

I have stumbled upon a clue to why Evernote has so unresponsive, and perhaps even deliberately destroyed Penultimate. Evernote changed its Terms of Use -- prior to wrecking Penultimate -- to ban users from filing a class-action lawsuit, and requiring them to use individual mediation, which puts users in a hopelessly weak position. The effect was to give Evernote free rein to ***** users without fear of legal retaliation by any group of aggrieved users who lost valuable data and wanted to hire a lawyer to represent them. Why did Evernote do this unless it was planning to crash Penultimate? Not sure of the business reason for driving Penultimate into the dirt, but this was surely no accident.

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