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  1. @jonnyC, the Bluetooth styluses connect to specific apps, not to the iPhone as a whole. You can turn it on and use it as an ordinary stylus, or connect it within an app that supports Bluetooth styluses. Unfortunately, Evernote is not such an app, and Penultimate doesn't run on iPhones. For a list of apps that will connect to a Jot BT Stylus, check their website at http://www.adonit.net/jot-ready-apps/. So -- it's not a defect, it's the way non-Apple Bluetooth styluses work. They don't connect to the device as a whole, they connect to specific apps which have a connection method inside. You will find the same sort of limitation with Pencil by Fiftythree http://www.fiftythree.com/pencil, and with the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus http://www.wacom.com/en-us/products/stylus/intuos-creative-stylus-2. So -- try turning it on without connecting it to the iphone as a whole. It should work and give you a better view of what you're writing than blunt styluses, even though you won't get palm rejection. Specific iPhone apps that will connect to the Bluetooth features are Adobe Illustrator Draw, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Concepts, Autodesk SketchBook, Medibang Paint, Zen Brush 2, Tayasui Sketches, Animation Desk Cloud, Sketch Club, Goodnotes, Noteledge Cloud, Explain Everything, PDFpen and Zoomnotes. Look inside each app to find out how to connect the stylus to that app.
  2. All the Bluetooth styluses including all the Adonit Jot line require BT v. 4.0 or newer. The oldest iPad with this BT version is iPad 3rd gen. So if you have iPad 1 or iPad 2 you are out of luck. All the iPad Minis are newer so they all work.
  3. Here's another way to do it: BE SURE BLUETOOTH IS TURNED ON on your iPad AND YOUR STYLUS IS CHARGED. Open the Penultimate app. Get to the screen where it shows your list of notes in Penultimate, but you're not actually editing a note. It should be mostly blue, have a few note icons, and say Penultimate in the top center. Tap on the circle with a person's head inside it (top left corner.) You should now see a screen that has a button named "Settings." Tap that button. You should now see a dialog box. There should be an item named "Jot Script Evernote Stylus Setup." Tap that item. Turn on your stylus, then press with it in the target. If the stylus gods smile, you should now be connected to your stylus.
  4. There's a whole thread on alternatives: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/75511-please-anyone-suggest-a-new-note-taking-app/ That said, few alternatives are free, and none is exactly like old Penultimate. If you don’t need close integration with Evernote, Goodnotes 4 and Notes plus are popular; if you do need that integration, then Noteshelf may be a better choice. But there are MANY alternatives; the ones I mentioned are just a few. The thread lists a lot more. Good luck on your app hunt.
  5. Right now, Swipes does not look at Evernote's reminder date/time. They say they're working on it...
  6. Not really. IFTTT transfers only plain text. The HTML that does the formatting is stripped. I tried putting the HTML tags explicitly. That doesn't work either.
  7. MyScript Smart notes or Notes Plus (which uses the MyScript engine) are possibly best at this. Not the best Evernote integration, but if you're going to edit the text anyway, it's not much more overhead to export the result. You can try Smart Notes for free. I'd suggest the PhatWare products, but their Jot support is so bad that I've turned it off. I'm better off with my cheap mesh tip stylus. Yes, there are apps that claim Jot support but are worse at it than Penultimate.
  8. But... Aren't those notes still available in the Evernote trash? If they are, then while annoying, this isn't the disaster you postulate.
  9. @DolphinGirl, ARE the old notes in your new Penultimate? If they are, you're safe; otherwise they'd have vanished when you installed new Penultimate. if you haven't installed the Evernote app on your iPad, I suggest that you do so (it's free) and sign in with the credentials you used for Penultimate. Open up Evernote, check in the "Penultimate" notebook, and see whether your old Penultimate notes are there. Again, if they are, you're safe, and you can go ahead and try to get old Penultimate back. If you have a desktop or laptop, just install the desktop version of Evernote. Sign in with the same credentials you used for Penultimate. Again, your Penultimate notes should be inside the "Penultimate" notebook. New Penultimate won't let you email notes, as far as I know. OTOH, you may just want to go to that desktop or laptop version of Evernote, select all those notes, and export them as HTML. Not that reverting to Penultimate That Worked will delete them (it didn't when I did that). It's just that as an Ancient Software Engineer, I firmly believe that when having software problems (especially with new software that was released too soon) You Can't Have Too Many Backups. . . . In fact, You Can't Have Too Many Backups. Period. Assuming your notes are safe in Evernote, and you CAN'T get Penultimate That Worked back, if all else fails you have those HTML notes and you can bundle the appropriate ones up as ZIP files and send them to your clients, or you can open them with a browser, print them to PDF and send the result to your clients. A pain in the b__t, but your data isn't lost, just inconveniently formatted.
  10. Nope, not Apple. Not iOS 8. No, Evernote shot itself in the foot with this one. The Penultimate "upgrade" is the source of many, many complaints on this forum. It might be possible to get your "old" Penultimate back -- here's how in this thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/75446-how-to-get-old-version-back-must-read/ For alternative apps, try this thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/75511-please-anyone-suggest-a-new-note-taking-app/ I shared your anger when I first "upgraded" to Penultimate 6.0.0 back on Nov. 13. Now I am simply resigned. Good luck in your quest to replace your old technology. When you find a solution that works for you, please post it as someone else may be able to use your experience.
  11. Well, the loss of the camera feature is nothing you're doing wrong. Penultimate's November upgrade pretty well broke the app, and two bug fix updates later, it's still unusable in a production environment. here are my thoughts, FWIW: The size limit to notebooks is an Evernote thing. Yes, upgrading to Evernote premium would help I've switched to the Noteshelf app for my notetaking needs, and just ran a test to see how it responds to the demands you're discussing. First, Noteshelf integration to Evernote is just like that of old Penultimate except that you will need to explicitly connect your notebook to Evernote, so your experience should be similar to old Penultimate as far as accessing your notebooks via Evernote is concerned. Second, you will still have to tap up a new page and tap the camera icon to take a photo. BUT -- the good news is that the photo arrives in a reasonable size so you won't need to resize -- just tap Paste and scribble your note. Based on this, you may wish to give Noteshelf a try. BTW, I'm neither an Evernote employee nor a Noteshelf employee -- just a user who found Penultimate unusable after the upgrade and is sharing her experience. Hope this helps! ------UPDATE: Just re-read your post to see if I'd missed anything. Looks like I have... Evernote is a cloud service for notetaking. Penultimate is one of the many apps it offers to let people get notes into its cloud service. Noteshelf is a third-party app that will also let you sync notes to the Evernote service. If you haven't, I suggest you get the Evernote app for whichever laptop or desktop you use (Mac? PC?) and connect it to the same Evernote account you used for Penultimate. When you do, you should find your old Penultimate notebooks as "notes" inside an Evernote notebook named "Penultimate." From the Mac or PC app, you can export each of those "notes" as a PDF file, for transmission to your employers. Hope this helps!
  12. 0. Open the Penultimate app. 1. Start a new note. 2. When your note first opens, you should see three circles at the top. Tap on the one in the upper right that looks sorta like a pen. 3. Now, you should see 12 circles at the top of your note! Tap on the one that looks like a pen with an itty bitty bluetooth symbol on it. it should be the fourth one from the left. 4. Tap on THAT circle to be able to connect your stylus. Another way: 0. Open the Penultimate app. 1. Have all your notes closed. 2. Tap on the person icon in the upper right of your screen. 3. On the next screen, tap on the Settings button. 4. There should be a line that reads "Jot Script Evernote Stylus Setup". Tap that line to be able to connect your stylus. Please note that going to your iPad settings won't help. You have to connect to the Jot stylus through the app. Hope this helps!
  13. Love the Jot Touch w/PixelPoint, hate Penultimate... do try the Touch with Noteshelf; it works wonderfully and I am able to integrate my handwriting with Evernote. it does have a zoom box, though. Those who don't care so much about Evernote integration and like pinch-to-zoom are fond of Goodnotes 4. Good luck.
  14. Check the thread in this forum: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/75446-how-to-get-old-version-back-must-read/
  15. Well put, Jibbs. Let the Evernote team continue to add lace and embroidery to the sow's ear that is Penultimate 6.
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