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  1. WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? I've switched to Goodnotes and I don't need the brain dead design team at Evernote buying it and f******g up another app that I find useful.
  2. Any rating above 1 star is due to the fact that you are not allowed to give 0 stars at the app store. If you were, I am sure the rating would be below 1, instead the rating has a floor of 1.
  3. Oh NO!!! Then I guess it's really not true that the survival of the angry birds is at stake...??? ARGHHHHH!!!! I've been hoodwinked! So, let me see if I have the Evernote business plan figured out: 1. Take a product people generally love and re-design it into something that people generally hate (and lose some of the users data in the process) 2. Stick your head in the sand and ignore your users as they clamor for help and for EN to give some sort of clue as to their next steps are going to be. 3. Suddenly, reappear on the message board to provide snarky replies to users that have become so completely fed up with the service that they feel they have to vent. 4. ??? 5. Profit Good luck with that. EN is becoming a case study in how not to run a company!
  4. I don't think they will ever revert. I think they are committed to making this new version "work" (defined however you like). Flooding them with support tickets will likely do little other than slow down support responses for other issues. I'm not trivializing any of the complaints here, just saying that a re-release of version 5 is likely far-fetched, and flooding support with vague requests like 're-release version 5' is likely to do more harm than good. if you want to contact support, the most productive way to do so is to make specific reference to the trouble you are having so that support can offer relevant help in return, or forward the issue to the developers in the case of a bug. If you don't want to clog up the support system then I suggest tweeting directly at Phil Libin (@plibin) the CEO of Evernote. The only update received in 5 days is that they are fixing "bugs" and we should be patient. Some of us need an app that works now and the one we had has been taken away from us. Also, from the managements response, it seems to suggest that bug fixes are all that is needed. The problem with this is that if they are indeed just fixing bugs then the new Penultimate will remain useless to me. Everything that made the app exceptional has been removed in the name of "progress". It is not acceptable to ***** your user base over and then not provide updates on what is being done to rectify the situation. I am a developer, I understand what they are probably going through in the current situation. But, the way their management is handling this situation is horrible. I feel like they have ran away and stuck their head in the sand and are just waiting for the fury to die down. The best way to get your customers to quit bothering you is to ignore them, they will just go away!
  5. As a developer I think I can see what happened. There were a number of developers left in a room to come up with fantastic new ideas to make the product better, but, at no time did they run it by actual people who used the product. Or, if they did, those people were ignored with a "they just don't understand how wonderful our ideas are attitude." I will add my voice to those who say that this upgrade is an abomination and I will be looking for a new tool to take notes with if something isn't done about it soon.
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