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(Archived) Evernote for Android 1.2 Beta is here!

Philip Constantinou

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Hey folks -

We've got a new beta client for Evernote for Android! We really appreciate all the help you gave us with the pre-launch beta and we hope to repeat that with upcoming release.

To download the beta go to:


We'll keep this URL up-to-date.

About this beta

Beta users will receive auto-updates from the application when new versions become available. Once you've downloaded the beta, you'll keep up-to-date. You can always replace the Beta with the public release from the Android Market by uninstalling it and going back to the Android Market. Do not update a beta version with the public version, you may encounter problems.

What's new

  • [*:3k3ar1qb]Decrypting encrypted notes
    [*:3k3ar1qb]Addressed some camera problems
    [*:3k3ar1qb]Japanese language support
    [*:3k3ar1qb]Images no longer visible in the gallery
    [*:3k3ar1qb]Fixed problems with GEOTagging
    [*:3k3ar1qb]More secure logout feature

Please keep the feedback coming.

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The 1.2 beta removes images from the gallery. How does one go about removing the cached images leftover from previous installs?

I uninstalled the 1.1 final version of Evernote, then went into my filesystem using Quick Finder and deleted the Evernote folder. After this, I rebooted my phone, and now the gallery is back to normal.

Then I went to the above URL and installed the 1.2 beta. Now all is well!

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