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  1. I tend to use my phone constantly to keep track of what my family and I are doing on a given day. This includes photos and videos of the cute/funny things that my kids do. My workflow with recording these events currently involves me manually sending the photos via email to my sons' email addresses, as well as to my Evernote account, so that they can share in those memories when they get older, and I will have a good record of what they were like when they were young. If I could cut out the extra step of getting the photos into my Evernote account (which may or may not happen, depending on my motivation levels for that day), it would be super useful to have the photos auto-upload as they are taken on my phone (sort of like what Google+ does).
  2. This release actually fixed the issues I was having with local notes not syncing to the cloud. Evernote is now extremely useful again!
  3. Most recently it was a one sentence plaintext test note, so I don't think it is the note size limit issue. I sent my logs at around 7AM Eastern time. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.
  4. I am having the same issue on Sprint HTC Hero. I took these steps to no avail: [*:2smz58p8]Uninstalled [*:2smz58p8]Deleted everything I could find on my SD Card related to Evernote [*:2smz58p8]Restarted the phone [*:2smz58p8]Once fully restarted, I restarted again [*:2smz58p8]Installed the latest beta version Obviously, I knew that I was going to lose those unsynced notes, but I wanted to try these steps before saying anything here. I am still unable to sync notes created on my phone up to Evernote. (As well as all kinds of fun Force Quit dialogs.)
  5. Two things: [*:ybt0q3qh]Can a moderator start "sticky"-ing these beta threads when they are started? As it is, they can be hard to find. [*:ybt0q3qh]Will we get the option to join a "beta release channel", similar to the desktop versions? Right now, when there is a stable release in the market, we beta users aren't notified of the update, and there is no clear upgrade path.
  6. I am also seeing this issue with my HTC Hero (Sprint Android v2.1). I didn't notice it until I recently went to enter some hand-written notes into Evernote, only to find the paltry 640x480 resolution the only available with the camera.
  7. Rock on! I'm loving the search suggestions functionality. The only problem I've encountered so far is when upgrading using the in-app prompt, the update package displays the app name as "false" next to the elephant icon at the phone features warning screen.
  8. I had this same issue with my HTC Hero (thread here: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=13811 ), but the latest updates have fixed this. I would recommend doing the following to get them out of your gallery: [*:12cwk452]Uninstall Evernote [*:12cwk452]Go into your filesystem using Quick Finder (any filesystem explorer should work) and delete the Evernote folder [*:12cwk452]Reboot your phone [*:12cwk452]Install latest version of Evernote (from Market, or the beta: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=14060) Hope this helps...
  9. If I continue to use the Beta, will that keep me on the Beta track? Or will I have to get 1.2 from the Market, then later get the 1.3 (or whichever) Beta from here in order to stay on the cutting edge? Thanks again!
  10. This would absolutely rock. Searching every time has become a pain. I have a "To Read" notebook, and have to do way too much digging to get to it when I'm standing in line somewhere.
  11. (Not to dredge up a few months old topic, but) I would also like to request this feature. I use Evernote (like I'm sure many others do) to keep track of the articles that I want to read. This gives me access to them on any computer and also on my Android-powered phone. When I'm standing in line at WalMart, I like to get some reading done, rather than just existing. What I would love to see is a simple metric for word count, and the ability to create a saved search based on that metric. Say I have 5 minutes to wait in line at WalMart, if I could sort my "To Read" notebook by word count, I could easily fit in a short article or two before I get up to the cashier, rather than just poking in the dark trying to remember which article is short.
  12. I uninstalled the 1.1 final version of Evernote, then went into my filesystem using Quick Finder and deleted the Evernote folder. After this, I rebooted my phone, and now the gallery is back to normal. Then I went to the above URL and installed the 1.2 beta. Now all is well!
  13. What phone hardware, Android version and Evernote version do you have? Evernote's Snapshot automatically focuses on my HTC Hero with Android 1.5 & Evernote 1.1.5.
  14. I have a Sprint CDMA HTC Hero with Evernote 1.1.5, and I have no troubles with taking Snapshots through Evernote. Are you not presented with the button on the screen to press in order to take the photo?
  15. After using Evernote for a while, and it caches the images in my notes, the "Albums" app fills up with many, many albums filled with these cached images: I actually only have 3 or 4 albums of photos taken with my phone, so this is kind of a hassle passing through all of these cached image albums in order to find the genuine photos. Does anyone know of a way to keep the Evernote cached images folder out of the "Albums" app?
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