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  1. As I said before in this thread, I think an Air (or QT, GTK, etc.) implementation of Evernote would go a really long way to solidifying the product for me. I just had to go through the process of re-installing the Windows client on my PC, and it was a pain in the neck to do after using the Mac client for so long. It would go a long way to use one of those frameworks that is cross-platform, so that we can have a single desktop interface and use whatever platform we want. The differences between the Mac and Windows clients, while subtle, irk me in some basic way.
  2. I was just thinking about this issue again, after opening Evernote in WINE. Instead of working on an official branch of Evernote for Linux, what if you could donate a developer's time to the WINE project in order to send fixes upstream that make Evernote work better, and therefore benefit other projects as well? (Obviously, I know it's not as easy as saying "Hey, you, go work on WINE", but it's just a suggestion)
  3. That's really weird, after listening to the Linux Action Show interview with the CEO of CodeWeavers, I was just 3 minutes ago going to their website to see if I could test that out.
  4. If you guys weren't able to do it, I would definitely throw in some monetary support for another entity to get some sort of client working (well) on Linux. I'm glad to hear that there have been requests for the API with that in mind. Are there going to be any updates to the web interface any time in the near future?
  5. I am also interested in a client for Linux, as I use Ubuntu full time when I'm at home. Currently, when I need Evernote, I lug around my old iBook G4 with me, which just sits next to me on the desk with only Evernote open. Running under WINE worked while I had a free membership, and was only using it lightly. Now that I sprang for a Premium membership, I've been using Evernote a whole lot more (went from 40-ish notes to over 250 in a day or two), and the drag and drop functionality for assigning tags and putting notes in notebooks is pretty buggy. The client would freeze constantly when trying to move more than one note at a time. The web interface is good enough for light use, but when I start to get into heavy use for tasks, etc. I end up hitting a wall with the functionality. What I would like to see is an Adobe Air (or QT, GTK, etc.) implementation through the API that includes all of the functionality I love in the Mac client, but would be completely cross platform. I wish I had more time and energy to put into creating such an implementation myself, but alas, I am a poor college student
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