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Lost Note



I have a very important note.


Evernote crashed and when I reopened I got a pink banner with this msg: "evernote rendering of page up to first error".


Unfortunately, it only showed part of the note. So I closed Evernote, reopened and now note is completely gone.


Is there *any* type of cache, history or saved version of that note if it was NOT synced to Evernote online?

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Check to see whether there's anything more in Evernote Web.  If your computer crashed while uploading,  a lot of the note must have been lost on your local computer and I don't know any way to recover that.  If some part of it exists on the server but isn't showing on the desktop version you may have one of the recent updates - check for the version and update to 6.0.5 if necessary - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79277-evernote-for-mac-605-releases-app-store-and-download/ - if you have any part of the note still,  you could upgrade Evernote to Premium (for a month or two..) to get access to Note History which might contain more.  But its not looking good,  I'm afraid..

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