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Cards, snippets and lists show up but the content each takes aver a minuet to load. Doesn't matter which view it is, even a new note - writing or editing is not available but appears after a minute or two for each note. Tried restart and reboot to no avail. I recently installed a new drive transferring files from the old drive and reinstalling apps including Evernote. Evernote ran fine for about a week until now.


MacBook Pro 5,1 OS 10.9.5 Evernote 6.03

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Evernote started working properly last night. Initially I thought the problem might be server or sync related, but if the content is stored locally on the hard drive I would think the notes would open.


I usually don't do Beta versions but almost downloaded it until I read Gemfinder's post on fixing bugs. I'm waiting until the developers provide an update on the App Store where I bought my version.


Thanks for the reply and link gaz. 

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