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  1. Same problem, dot under menu bar elephant (not signed in but signed in a dozen times a dozen ways) restart, safe boot, disabled AdBlocker, cleared cookies/cache etc etc. Finally, changed Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies and website data from "Allow from current website" to "Allow from websites I visit". Shazam. To my dear Evernote Gurus, you're welcome.
  2. Evernote started working properly last night. Initially I thought the problem might be server or sync related, but if the content is stored locally on the hard drive I would think the notes would open. I usually don't do Beta versions but almost downloaded it until I read Gemfinder's post on fixing bugs. I'm waiting until the developers provide an update on the App Store where I bought my version. Thanks for the reply and link gaz.
  3. I was linked here after posting about blank notes or more accurately, blank notes until a minute or two pass before they load. I usually avoid betas but almost downloaded 6.0.4 Beta 2 because it specifically addressed my problem - until I read Gemfinder's post. My EN is from the App Store so I'll wait until the fix appears there. Get on it ya'll.
  4. Cards, snippets and lists show up but the content each takes aver a minuet to load. Doesn't matter which view it is, even a new note - writing or editing is not available but appears after a minute or two for each note. Tried restart and reboot to no avail. I recently installed a new drive transferring files from the old drive and reinstalling apps including Evernote. Evernote ran fine for about a week until now. MacBook Pro 5,1 OS 10.9.5 Evernote 6.03
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