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Taking photo in Evernote vs iphone camera



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Hey Asia888,


When you take a pic in Evernote on your iPhone, the pic is added to a note.  So if you go to view your notes, you will see it (called "Snapshot...").





There is an option in the Evernote Settings to also add it to your Camera Roll:


EVERNOTE > Settings > General > Camera > Save Snapshots





When this option is ON, the picture will be saved twice; once in Evernote and once in your Cameral Roll.



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Hi Bob,


Thank you so much for the tip ! 

I wonder if you could help me with the next step I have in mind: how do I upload the pics in snapshot or camera roll to my website? I am a teacher and find Evernote to be potentially a powerful tool for teachers like me. But I need to learn some of the basics about how to transfer or share materials between Evernote and my website using online course management system…. Many thanks !



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Hi.  Uploading pictures to a website is kind've outside the remit of the forums here,  and there are too many variables to give you any specific advice - like where's your website hosted and what does the site say about submitting pictures?


I don't think you can do anything from the picture attached to the note on your phone,  though I can think of a couple of ways you might upload pictures.  


You'll have to find out which (if any) method works for you - 

  • Long-press the the picture in your camera roll and choose 'share' - you should be able to send the picture elsewhere by a variety of methods.  
  • Open Evernote on your PC desktop and right-click the picture - you can save the image to your desktop,  possibly to copy and paste into your web page.

If you're using some web page management software,  just having the file on your PC desktop should allow you to drag n drop or copy n paste into a file upload window.  If you're doing something more basic,  you may have to learn about FTP software and use that to move your file around.


As you're a teacher,  don't forget to check out the educational section of the forums.. https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/90-evernote-for-schools/

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Thank you so much for the tips! I will try out the many ways you have suggested. I have already tried one, which was very simple,  using right click Save as... I will then upload pictures the usual way to my website...  I will sure to spend some time reading the Educational section of the forum. I am sure I will ge getting many good ideas there. Thanks again !!



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