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  1. I see the same behavior. :-( I did notice when Evernote isn't running, it doesn't pop up... but who wants to keep Evernote closed all the time...? I posted a similar gripe about the main Evernote window obnoxiously popping up in this thread. Please post back the results of your support ticket! :-) ~Bob
  2. I had the same problem a while back. The solution for me was to uninstall Evernote and reinstall it from the Mac App Store (not from the EN website). I did try some other things such as forcing Spotlight to reindex, but nothing else worked. Hope that works for you! ~Bob
  3. Hey Glenn, Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the note window from appearing when you drag a file to the Evernote icon. This may defeat the purpose of your request, but if you have the main Evernote window open, you can drag into the list of notes. Your file will be added and no window will pop up. Another solution could be to add a global keyboard shortcut to the 'Add to Evernote' service which would allow you to select a file, then just press the keyboard shortcut to add it to Evernote. Here's how to set that up: System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > + Configure for Finder Enter text Exactly as "Add to Evernote" Use any Key Combo you want ~Bob
  4. Hey Sean, You CAN do all this using just the keyboard! To start an: Un-ordered list press Cmd+Shift+UOrdered list press Cmd+Shift+OTask list press Cmd+Shift+T ~Bob
  5. Hey Joel, Are you saying that disabling "Sort Search Results by Relevance" doesn't persist on subsequent searches? Once I uncheck that option it seems to stay off for all future searches. ~Bob
  6. Hey Asia888, When you take a pic in Evernote on your iPhone, the pic is added to a note. So if you go to view your notes, you will see it (called "Snapshot..."). There is an option in the Evernote Settings to also add it to your Camera Roll: EVERNOTE > Settings > General > Camera > Save Snapshots When this option is ON, the picture will be saved twice; once in Evernote and once in your Cameral Roll. ~Bob
  7. Hey Ed, Once you have all of your notes selected, just add your tag in the area circled in the picture below! Hope that helps! ~Bob
  8. Every time I use the global 'create new note' keyboard shortcut, the main Evernote window appears, then the separate note window on top of it. There's no reason for the main window to appear, it is not useful in this scenario. I've tried closing the main window vs minimizing it, but it still pops up whenever the keyboard shortcut is used. It's pretty annoying to have to close the main window every time I create a new note... For now I just keep the main Evernote window open on it's own desktop. This prevents it from opening on the desktop I'm currently working on, but I prefer to not have an additional desktop just to make the main window behave! Is anyone else bothered by this behavior? Do you have any other workarounds? Thanks, ~Bob
  9. I tend to only store documents in Evernote that will not change (receipts, documentation, ect.). For any documents I'm actively working on, I use an organized folder structure that is synced with google drive. As far as keeping a redundant copy. Redundancy isn't bad, but I don't keep a separate copy on my hard drive outside of Evernote, for a few reasons: 1) A copy is stored on my local machine in Evernote 2) It is also stored on the Evernote server 3) Evernote has backups of their server So, whether or not i'm online, I have access to my info AND if either Evernote totally dies OR my machine totally dies, I'm covered either way. You can also check out the following blog post: http://michaelhyatt.com/is-your-data-safe-in-evernote.html ~Bob
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