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New Beta UI


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The Windows desktop client doesn't have a new UI,  so I'd guess you're using the web version.  If you look in Settings,  there will be an option to change the display - either to the Beta version,  in which case you're using the classic UI;  or to the old version in which case you're using the beta.  If the screen has a lot of white space, that's also a clue you're on the beta.


When the beta morphs into a production model it will presumably replace the current UI,  so it looks like sooner or later you will be using the new look.  Since Mac has already had its makeover,  presumably Windows Desktop will follow,  so eventually there will be no escape...  (unless you start rejecting desktop updates...)

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 Here's hoping that the new Windows UI looks nothing like the web beta. It is very difficult to use logically. I hope they do away with flat graphics. What it means is typically there is not near as much contrast between the lettering in the background and much harder to use. Also the fact that whatever notebook you're in doesn't stay you have to lose all that information on the left to have a huge screen open for the note.


I embrace change when it makes sense, however many of the current updates should not have been implemented until they fix the core program. Things like automatically putting in the author in the note would've been much more useful than work chat. Since the last update we have had numerous problems with syncing. We use many spreadsheets attached to notes. Since the update we find out we make a change on a spreadsheet, and when we go back to the spreadsheet the changes are gone. Oddly enough we can look in the attachment folder in the Evernote directory and find the latest version of the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is not correctly attached to the note however.


Just my 2 cents worth.

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