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Better is often enemy of good...



Hello. First sorry for my scholar english, I am a french user, i'll try my best to be understandable.


I recieved yesterday a mail from Evernote warning me that the version used on my IMac had to be changed because too old, with an upgrade link, promising a much better use...


Unfortunately I accepted, and loaded the new version who overwrote the one in place, but the installation process ended with a nightmare message, telling me that this fine new version could no more work on my IMac, running with Mac OSX 10.8.6


So I'm now completely stuck : how can I get back the previous Evernote version I had ? Evernote worked perfectly for me, before loading this killing upgrade !


Besides, I can't upgrade my old IMac to make it match. (not enough memory)


I deeply regret that the Evernote mail recieved has not a single warning message for users in my case !


Is my beloved Evernote adventure definitly ended for me now ?


Thanks for any hint that could help me step back.











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Hi.  Are you referring to Snow Leopard - 10.6.8 ?  If so,  Evernote Employee Jackolicious posted a link to a 10.6 compatible version of Evernote (October 2014) - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/68751-internal-database-error/#entry307732

(It should still be possible to use Evernote's web interface via a browser on any OS)


You will need to completely remove and reinstall the application - see https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/77444-how-to-completely-remove-and-reinstall-en-mac/


If you;re not using 10.6,  or have any questions,  please post them here...


(If you're a Premium user,  you can also raise a support request via the link below)


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