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Billing bug

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My credit card number was changed a couple of months ago due to suspected fraud. Today I received an email stating that payment couldn't be made for Evernote Premium. Per the directions I went into the EN website, entered the new credit card info, and deleted the old credit card info, because it no longer works. Apparently I shouldn't have done that, because immediately after that,


a) My account is no longer premium

B) I cannot enter any credit card in "upgrade to premium" screen -- whenever I submit it, error messages (see screenshot) appear

c) I cannot get chat or personal support for this issue because... I'm no longer Premium.


I've been Premium since 2010 and this is really frustrating. I consider the limbo I'm now in as an extremely user unfriendly design flaw. Your customers shouldn't have to go through this hoop of error messages because they delete an old credit card.


Thank you.


Lena Rotenberg


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Thanks, Jefito. I had tried entering "billing" issue in the support form but it refused to stick.


Based on your input I tried again after rebooting, and learned that the correct way to access it was via the web Evernote interface, "contact support" dropdown from the account name on the upper right corner.

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Hopefully. I'll report back on how many days one needs to wait for free support, LOL.


I'm quite annoyed, actually, not only at the hour I've wasted on this issue, but because my productivity is now suffering until they decide to read and act on my ticket. My monthly limit is back to 60 MB, Windows interface is back to Free with Premium features gone, support for MS Office attachments gone. On Android phone, offline notebooks gone. And I don't even want to think of what else.


"Good luck" sounds right, thanks.

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@lenarr:  There have been many complaints posted lately concerning Evernote billing, payments, and account upgrades.

Hopefully this should be resolved for you soon since you have followed the below instructions.

It might help if you would post your Support Ticket number here.


For others who encounter billing issues:


According to Nancy Fu Magee, Evernote Director of Commerce, there are known bugs in the billing system, and if you have a billing issue you need to submit a support ticket to resolve your issue.


See Submit a EN Support Ticket. In the Support Form, select "Payment or Billing Issue".

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Well... 48+ non-weekend hours have passed since I filed the support ticket, and no reply yet.


I'm now 2 days into my now limited 30-day 60 MB quota, 30 MB of which I've used (there's a reason why I've been premium for almost 5 years).


I'm starting to panic, with only 2 more days to go before I reach 60 MB and Evernote stops syncing new stuff. I'm about to spend the next 24 hours at locations without free internet access and I was counting on having offline notebooks; now I'm literally having to PRINT the info that I need to have with me rather than counting on my cell phone.


I think that beyond the idiocy of this bug and the lack of responsiveness of Tech Support (quite clearly this forum is no longer manned by EN employees on a consistent basis)... What really, REALLY annoys me is that their original email said that I would have a grace period until they attempted for the second time to bill my credit card. Had I not innocently deleted my nonworking credit card on file, I not be going through this anxiety about running out in 2 days.


Now I also fear that since my account is "free," they may not even TRY to bill my credit card and reinstate Premium. 


I'm entirely at the mercy of the tech support ticket queue rendered to "free" users. Maybe by the first Tuesday of next year they'll fix this for me.


Evernote Corp. -- I am officially designating your treatment of your customers as HORRID.  :angry:    If it weren't for the good folks in this forum I would be feeling completely abandoned.


Thanks for listening.


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Just receive a standard email from Charlotte in response to my ticket, "I'm going to escalate this to our billing team for further assistance. Please understand that they are working on your case and a team member will respond to you as soon as they've had time to research the issue."


I replied, "Just please bill my credit card on file and reinstate my Premium status! We'll talk later about the bug and the rest of the issue.Thank you."


Maybe in another two days they'll do that.


ARGH. Thanks for the link, JMichael. 



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RESOLVED, yay! They identified and fixed a bug on their end that was preventing me from renewing.


Gazumped, if you had any hand in expediting this ticket, many thanks.


Thanks to all who responded. VERY much appreciated!




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Ticket# 1034204. It's April 2015 and yet Evernote still has an issue with their billing which, I gotta tell you, does not engender confidence in their services since this has been a known issue according to what I'm viewing on the forum. I fail to "get it"! What is so tough? I new my Premium account reinstated but it's a bit difficult to do that since there is no phone number to call, and little help from chat. If I hadn't already started 2 years ago using Evernote, I wouldn't continue. I have PM'd Ms. Nancy McGee. We'll see if she can help. I still don't understand why, though, this remains such an abiding issue. Anyone?????

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