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Editing a hyperlink


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I can't work out how to edit a hyperlink within Evernote so that it looks neater. For instance I can create a hyperlink in Gmail or Word such as:


I can then edit it so it looks easier on the eye:
I can copy  the neater version and then paste into Evernote and it all works, but I can't actually do the neatening up within Evernote itself. All a bit clunky. Does anyone know a way?
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The way I do it, not overly sophisticated for sure, is to:

  1. Position the cursor outside the link
  2. Use the arrow keys to move into the link text
  3. Start editing
  4. Always add a new first or last character should you delete the existing first or last

Or an alternative is to:

  1. Hover over the link and click edit
  2. Copy the link and click cancel,
  3. Type the text you want
  4. Highlight the text and right click and select hyperlink add
  5. Paste the link and click okay.

The first is quicker for me. The more technically astute may have better solutions.  FWIW.

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Akin to Cal's #2 above: Usually I have the link copied to the clipboard. I either type the text I want to see, or make a selection on existing text. Ctrl-K brings up the Add Hyperlink dialog, paste the link in, and close (hit Enter or click Okay). Done.

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